Home Television “Mad Men”: Where Did Ted Chaough Get That Crazy Name?

Chow, chow, chow. Or Chaough. That’s the last name of Ted Chaough, new partner of Don Draper and friends, maybe romantic interest for Peggy Olson. Kevin Rahm plays Ted, who’s brought his agent Cutler Gleason Chaough into Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce with a lot of force– and maybe to Pete Campbell’s detriment.

But what kind of name is that? Where did “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner think of this? Indeed, Chaough is a name you will not find anywhere in any listing in the United States. It simply doesn’t exist. It does look like Chat plus Cough. It’s so far not a stand in for “Chow” or shortened ethnic moniker.

Indeed, Matt Weiner, a “Mad Men” source says, totally made it up. “It sounded and looked like one of those ridiculous wasp ad men names. It’s just a writers’ joke.” Well, who knows? Maybe in the the final season Weiner will give Ted some big reveal.

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