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He’s in, he’s out. That’s been the story with “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes about returning for more James Bond. Now I am told that Daniel Craig has persuaded Mendes to return for Bonds 24 and 25, each written by John Logan as a two parter. Mendes was denying this up to two weeks ago. Inquiries were made, and Mendes insisted that he wanted to stick with his theater schedule. Mike Fleming broke the story a little while ago that Mendes was being wooed back.

But I can tell you that it’s because of Craig, who wanted him to reproduce the “Skyfall” magic. Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have been in London trying to get the Mendes-Craig pieces put together. They want to get started on Bond 24 tout suite. The sooner, the better. The two movies together can soak up five years’ worth of work. And then even Craig will be done as James Bond.

When “Skyfall” went through the roof last year I told you Mendes would return. But between money– always it’s money– and his desire to be a big big power in London and New York theater, it was bleak. A rumor floated last week that Christopher Nolan would direct the next Bond, but that fell flat. It’s always been Mendes. “Skyfall” made $1.1 billion worldwide.

What else? Will Adele return? Maybe. But I’d think they have many others to wrangle for a Bond theme song. Some big stars like Sting and Elton John have never done one. And then there’s newcomers like Emeli Sande. So we shall see. And Dame Judi Dench? I wish they could un-kill her M.

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