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Exclusive: in case you were wondering changes at “The View” are not over. Joy Behar is leaving, Barbara Walters will retire in a year. But more is afoot. As I told you months ago, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still leaving. “She will make her announcement in June,” says a source. The show will be reruns in August, and return after Labor Day with two new cohosts.

As I also reported Brooke Shields is still desired by the show. Brooke told me recently that she had not been offered a contract yet. But sources say it’s likely. Also, “they’re looking at Jenny McCarthy,” says a source. Each would be excellent choices to join Whoopi and Sherri and Barbara in her final year.

So stay tuned…

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  1. The show is called “The View” to get/give different POVs. Like her opinions or not, Elisabeth gave her view & stood her ground even when she was sometimes “spoken over” by the others. Have to admire her for that irregardless if you agree or disagree with her. I’ll miss her & Joy. I like Jenny McCarthy, but not as a co-host on this show. She did so as a guest co-host & it was not a good blend (with Joy & Elisabeth both not being there those times). Brooke Shields has a spot on a Lifetime Network show & after watching Ms. Walters call her down while she guest co-hosted, I’d wait until Babbs left! I’d like to see Ali Wentworth at the table. She’s co-hosted & was great. Maybe they could grab Ann Curry? NBC wasn’t so nice to Ms. Walters either. Double Karma!

  2. Elizabeth was the only thing worth watching that show for. Everything on TV is liberalism in your face and she was finally a breath of fresh air and wasn’t afraid to state it. I give her so much credit for standing up for things she believed in instead of listening to everyone else who just joins the band wagon. You will be missed Elizabeth and I have no intention of ever watching the view again after you are gone. No one worth watching it for.

  3. they waited too long to get rid of her!!! I stopped watching the show over a year ago, I just couldn’t stand EH any longer. I was surprised that I did not miss the show as I have watched it since the very first day. I filled that time slot with other things. I don’t even turn the TV on at that time slot and I enjoy the extra time!! I do watch Joy at night though!

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