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EXCLUSIVE And keep checking for updates: It’s a great headline– Paris coming to Cannes. But I’ve been told that Paris Jackson, who just turned 15, is indeed being brought to the Cannes Film Festival. I told you exclusively a couple of weeks ago that Paris recently signed with Hollywood super agent Rick Yorn, who also reps Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Martin Scorsese as a manager.

If Paris does indeed make the trip it’s unclear if it’s because Yorn has plans for her already, although he’s told friends he’s convinced Paris can be a huge star. “He just wants her to finish high school,” says a source. Ironically, I’d only recently heard that Paris’s grandfather, wily Joe Jackson, was considering a Cannes appearance as well. And Janet Jackson often makes an appearance at a charity event or two.

So we’ll see how many Jacksons make the trip to the south of France– and who’s talking to whom. That will be most interesting since it was less than a year ago that Paris clashed with Janet publicly when Janet and several siblings “kidnapped” Katherine Jackson.

UPDATE: In any case, Paris is coming to Cannes during the first week of the festival. So she will indeed not overlap with Janet’s visit.

It would also be a good distraction for her while the AEG wrongful death suit continues in Los Angeles.

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  1. Yes, she could certainly need a distraction. Btw, she just turned 15, not 16.

    She is not listed on Rick Yorn´s Imdb site, neither is he on hers, where it says “e-mail offers only”. Her brother Prince is oddly called just “Prince Michael” on his site, and according to that, still managed by LaToya’s company (in spite of her denials).

    Paris is 4000+ on her starmeter, which is quite amazingly high for someone who has still not really made her debut. We don’t know yet if she will act, but she is certainly a charismatic personality. With everything going on in her family and life, she will need every ounce of common sense she has to stay grounded, but apparently she’s got a lot of common sense.

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