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Randy Jackson, as you know by now, is leaving “American Idol.” He lasted an amazing 12 seasons. Believe me, he will be missed. But the writing was on the wall, the ratings are in the toilet. Randy brought Mariah Carey into “Idol.” She should be outta there by Monday at the latest. Keith Urban can return to his successful recording career. Nicki Minaj can go back to doing whatever she does.

Tonight, Mariah will perform on “Idol.” And then she’ll launch her new album and single, a tour no doubt.



“Idol” will have to retool completely. It could be that Ryan Seacrest will leave, too. He, like Randy, Mariah and Keith, has plenty of projects on his plate. Will “Idol” ever regain its popularity? Not likely. The show does bring in more “eyes” every week than any other program. But it’s also stale. The producers will have a short time to make changes because the audition season will be upon them quickly.

Tomorrow will also bring to an end the weekly deathwatch for ratings. It was no fun seeing the numbers decline every week. But every show runs its course. “American Idol” had a great long run. It also produced a ton of actual stars from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Daughtry, Phillip Phillips, Clay Aiken, and so on.

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