Home Celebrity Rod Stewart: Watch His Troubador Show Here, New Album Out Tomorrow (Shhhh….)

Rod Stewart’s new album, called “Time,” is released tomorrow. I’d like to say I’ve heard it, but I haven’t since no one has sent it or even sent a press release about it. I’ve asked three times for it, and it just never arrived. Legacy artists complain about the record business, but this is the situation. It’s a find-it-yourself deal now. So you can listen to Rod’s album streaming live on Amazon.com right now, the whole thing for free. I’m doing it now, and really enjoying it. There are a couple of very commercial tracks, like a lovely ballad “It’s Over” and a nice mid tempo “She Makes Me Happy.” Rod co-produced and co-wrote the album, so it’s a change from his last decade of ballads. There’s a lot of mandolin and guitars. I’m digging “Brighton Beach” right now. Rod is forever. Think of this as a live blogging review. Also thumbs up on “Beautiful Morning.” Good work, Rod! Now: will fans buy new music from older stars? They did with David Bowie. Based on what I’ve heard of “Time,” they should try Rod out.

Here’s Rod Stewart’s show from the Troubador recently. I just discovered that it was also streaming live on YouTube. Maybe they should hire a publicist:

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