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I have to say, I am really amazed the one time child star Mark Lester is still suggesting he’s the father of Michael Jackson’s children. It’s just ridiculous. The man seems to have snapped. Lester was the star of “Oliver!” when he was 12. He and Michael became friends when they were teens, and they were indeed friends. My 2004 interview with Lester follows. Today Lester is in the British papers starting up again. His daughter looks nothing like Paris. He looks nothing like Prince. I can’t imagine what his family thinks about this craziness. Anyway. He conceded in this interview that he never even met Debbie Rowe. When Michael Jackson was alive there was no suggestion by him of any of this. Lester was a chiropractor in England. I don’t know if he still has his practice. But he’s certainly turned into someone who knows about “manipulation.” In “Oliver!” the title character wants more gruel at his orphanage. He utters the famous line “Please sir, may I have some more?” Please, Mark Lester, no more.

Jacko Spent New Year’s Eve With ‘Oliver!’ Star– from January 9, 2004 c2013 Roger Friedman

Mark Lester — who as a child starred in the 1968 movie musical “Oliver!” — spent New Year’s Eve with Michael Jackson at the singer’s rented Beverly Hills mansion.

Once Jackson put his three kids to sleep, it was just the two 45-year-old men, lifelong friends, who sat up and watched Dick Clark‘s “Rockin’ New Year’s” on TV.

Lester, if you don’t know, was the Macaulay Culkin of his day: tousled blond hair, a cute kid. His performance as Oliver Twist, uttering the now famous request for more porridge — “Please, sir, may I have some more?” — made him a huge star at the age of 10. When Jackson and his brothers performed in the U.K. in the early 1970s, Michael asked to meet Lester. “He wanted to meet someone who had a similar background, a child star,” Lester told me.

The result has been a lifelong friendship.

Lester was at Neverland last February several days after the Martin Bashir interview aired and he was with him this past October in Las Vegas when Jackson signed memorabilia at a bookstore. The father of three girls and one boy told me he completely supports Jackson and believes him innocent of the charges of child molestation.

He did get to see Jackson in his new habitat, with the Nation of Islam surrounding him. “One of their members picked me up at the airport,” he said. “And I did meet Leonard Muhammad briefly. But there was no sense of tension in the house. In fact, I’ve seen Michael at Neverland and in hotels with security, and I thought it was much more relaxed at this house.”

Lester told me that Jackson is “angry. And he feels betrayed” by the family whom he took in. He said that while he was visiting, little mention was made of the charges pending against Jackson, and that the star had limited interest in news accounts of his predicament.

“He’s not cut off. He chooses not to watch it. He doesn’t care what they say in the media. He says, America is a free country.”

Lester told me he was surprised as everyone else in the world when word came down that Neverland had been raided with search warrants by the police. “I was completed shocked. I’d just been with Michael in Las Vegas in October.” Last February, Lester met the boy at the center of the controversy at Neverland. “He and his family were just guests. There were a lot of kids, a lot of people staying there.”

Despite their 30-year friendship, Lester has never met Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s children. He never met Lisa Marie Presley, either, he said, but spoke to her once on the phone. He said that in all this time he has not questioned Jackson about his plastic surgery, but acknowledges that a skin disease has caused Jackson’s skin color to change.

“His melanin is gone,” Lester said, “and it’s very painful for him to be in the sun. He has vast depigmentation. He takes medicine to fill in the blotches where he’s turned white.”

Lester’s children have spent a lot of time at Neverland, but they’ve never stayed in Jackson’s bedroom. “We’ve been in there and all through the house, eating ice cream and watching TV.” But he says he wishes Jackson would not make his ideas about children sleeping in his bed public. “He needs someone to tell him to put a sock in his mouth,” he said. “He can be his own worst enemy.”

He said that Jackson understands the public criticism of the statements he’s made, and “doesn’t care” what people think.

“He can switch between being a 12-year-old and being a 45-year-old,” Lester said. “He’s told me that when he writes, he’s like a 12-year-old. That’s where he gets his inspiration. And he’s always been that way, like a Peter Pan, since he was 15.”

For New Year’s Eve, the pair of friends watched TV after Jackson’s three kids went to sleep. Lester said they too turned in before the midnight hour. “There was no one else around,” said Lester, who left his wife and kids at home for this visit. The temporary house, for which Jackson is said to be paying between $70,000 and $100,000 a month, is “beautiful.” Will Michael ever return to Neverland? “I think he will eventually,” said Lester, who gave up show business and is an osteopath outside of London. “But he doesn’t miss it right now. He feels like he’s been violated.”


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  1. It’s very interesting to me that no one has asked DEBBIE who the father of the two children she carried inside her (one at a time ) is..Or maybe they have, and it’s more fun to disbelieve her when she says “Michael is the father of my kids”….Or is it more fun for certain people to believe Michael Jackson was less than human and therefore incapable of fathering children…I’m guessing it’s more fun, otherwise why would fools like Mark Lester continue to spew out this “I’m the father of MIchael Jackson’s kids” foolishness. Enough is Enough Mark Lester…Prince and Paris Jackson are NOT your kids… if you NEED a JOB go get a JOB and STOP using Michael Jackson as your meal ticket!

  2. Gee whizz, this Jacksons vs AEG trial is bringing all the parasites/nutjobs crawling out from under their rocks! UGH!!!! And hey what’s more the Jackson’s don’t give a flying f*** if their brother/son gets steamrollered under the media bus yet again just as long as they get the money “nasty” brother Michael didn’t leave them in his will which they’ve tried to prove as “fake” but that was EPIC FAIL!

    So now this attempt to get $$$$$!!! Can’t stand the likes of Lester & Co but somehow with “family” ENABLING media to tout their filthy lies about Michael is as bad if not WORSE!!! Some “Justice” for Michael!!!! The fans are judged, mostly unfairly, as “crazy and rabid” but to be frank, we’re the only ones who ever really truly gave a flying fuck about Michael Jackson as a man and human being instead of just a convenient ATM machine and/or business proposition!

  3. Why would MJ risk a contested paternity suit by having someone else father his children? I notice that people have tended to stop claiming to have fathered Blanket now that he looks so much like his Dad (Michael Jackson). If anyone remembers the photos posted of Prince on holiday in Hawaii with his brother and sister on the first anniversary of their father’s death, they should also remember that the photos showed a large patch of colorless skin under Prince’s right arm. He has inherited Vitiligo from his Dad and his paternal grandfather. This obsession people have with the paternity of Michael’s children is insulting to the children themselves, who so obviously adored/idolized their Dad, who was undeniably devoted to them. All the so-called friends of MJ who tend to capitalize on every opportunity to grab some publicity (and, perhaps, money) at the expense of Michael’s legacy, should find something more worthwhile to do. Take MJ’s advice, look at the man in the mirror, and make that change (specifically, leave his kids alone and get a life of your own!)

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