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Very sad news: Jeanne Cooper, the Emmy winning star of “The Young and the Restless” since it began in 1973, is dying. Her son, actor Corbin Bernsen, posted news about 3am Eastern that his mom was in her final stages. His post follows. Cooper, 84, had always seemed indomitable. But she’s had a lot of health issues in the last year, and didn’t look well in her recent appearances. She will be sorely missed and really mourned by her fans (not to mention her devoted family). If you don’t watch the show or know anything about it, suffice to say that Cooper’s character, Katherine Chancellor, drove the main story of the show from day 1 until now. Every time the writers ran out of new ideas, they’d return to the feud between Katherine and Jill Abbott (the great Jess Walton), and the show would revive itself. Katherine even “died” a couple of years ago, and there was a big funeral. Of course, she returned. But now her real on camera funeral will be quite a moment in TV history.

from Bernsen’s Facebook:

Please know that I’m not saying my mother’s life has ended, it hasn’t, but no matter how you slice it, she is in the final stages, whether it lasts an hour, day, month or years. I had to say “goodbye” to her tonight “just in case” as I’m traveling tomorrow to Vancouver for Psych. I have prayed for her recovery – some sort of recovery – and earlier this week got a hint of it. But then I saw her tonight, connected once again to so many tubes and machines “healing her.” And there is a difference – yes they are keeping her alive just as antibiotics would do for an infection – but they are more or less there to help in her short term recovery. Is she in a natural [descent] toward the end? Not sure. Is there a future? Not sure? And if so, what kind of future? Even less sure.

So I said my goodbyes tonight, had a good release of emotion and then left the room, more uncertain thanI have ever been about so many things. I wish I could be more positive for you tonight, but I reserve the right in this space to be plain, simple and honest. I know it’s only in that realm that I will find the answers I’m looking for right now. I love you mom. I’m giving it up to you and God to find peace in this world or the next.

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  1. Jeannie Cooper made Young and Restless, We will never be the same as we contiue to be fans of this soap. I recently read her book and it was so true to her real life and stage life. Lady u will be remembered forever.

  2. Y&R is my favorite soap on tv and ms c is my favorite actress. so much so that mme and my sisters call my mom ms chancelor because of her flair for style. We have called her that for years. Every Sunday morning when she gets ready to come down for church we all say, “here comes Ms Chancelor” and she just smiles. she cannot be replaced in my mind so please don’t try to. RIP Ms Chancelor

  3. There will never b e another Mrs. “C”.
    Please do not replace her.
    She is in My thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery.
    I have enjoyed watching you, Mrs. C.

  4. I am so sorry, I feel as if I have lost a friend and my heart is very sad and heavy. She is such a classy lady and the Y&R will not be the same. She can never be replaced and hope that doesn’t happen on the show. All her fans need to deal with her death in knowing she is gone and not replaced on the show. My sympathy goes out to her family and to all who held her dear in their hearts.

  5. Mrs .C made the yand the R since day 1.This is most Heart breaking news for anyone and everyone who has watched Jeanne Cooper in GUNSMOKE -lAWMAN N MANY OTHER ROLES WHICH SHE WAS FANTASTIC IN ANY ROLE SHE ON.I am Praying that our Lord will touch Mrs.Jeanne Cooper and heal her and keep Angels around her at all times.Prayers goes out to her son and all of her Family members and her Family on the Y and the R.

  6. I am following up with our dear Jeanne Cooper “Katherine Chancellor”. Life is so uncertain so I will continue to be nice to everyone I meet. Things like these make me just want to love everyone even more than I did before. When things like this happen, it makes me feel good knowing that my love makes a difference. I believe in miracles so I will still believe in her healing, but the reality of what happen is just what it is. I appreciate a son like Jeanne’s who did not hide anything from us.He is my kind of guy. It allows us to all pray, cry out to God together and believe together regardless of what happen. I love you so much Jeanne, I really do my dear. God bless you. I am praying. I am praying for her son and family too. It is such a sad feeling, but we must pray.

  7. I have watched Y & R since day one and it will certainly not be the same without the one and only and the great Mrs. “C” you are truly what made the show and will be very missed by all. May peace and serenity be with you and your loved ones in this time of need.
    You will never be forgotten.

  8. I love watching the so lovely, graceful and intelligent Jeanne Cooper. I had to say good bye to my own mother a couple of years ago. It is such a difficult place to be. I miss my mother every day. I’m so sorry you and your family has to go through this. Know that a better world is waiting. Only happiness and good health awaits her.

  9. She was very much admired.She made the show young restless just wish she or the writers would have healed Jill and her Riff .So very sad.I guess life goes on rest in peace.So I’m sure Cane and Neil
    son will be fighting for company.

  10. I have watched for so many years that i felt a connection to Mrs. C. I am 80 yrs. old and wished so many times that i could have met her personally. I know how difficult it is to lose one’s mother, as I as caregiver had to let mine go. She hung on for us until i whispered in her ear that it was ok for her to go as i knew she was tired, and with that she took her last breath. Jeanne’s family will never get over the loss, but with time become adjusted to coping with it. Mrs. C, Jeanne, will live in my heart and mind forever.

  11. There is no one to replace Jeanne Cooper. Regretfully, we are short on classy women in show business. She will be missed.

  12. I’ve watched Y&R for many years, and “Mrs. C” was truly one of my favorites! You will be truly missed by your family and fans!
    May God’s grace and peace be with you and your family Jeanne Cooper – aka Mrs. C”

  13. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit fall a fresh on you . Ms C. By Jesus stripe you are heal. May a host of angels be with you as you get stronger.

  14. May the spirit and great class of Mrs. C continue to shine bright onto her family, her Y & R family, and long time fans. We all love you Jeanne Cooper.

  15. From her beginning, flying through a field on horseback and those wonderful westerns that we who were born in war time, (2nd) remember, that she has done, this Lady; Jeanne Cooper is one of the best of the best. The first day of Y&R was a beginning, and Ms. Chancellor is now just changing roles, ever so beautiful. When and if she goes into her light, it will still remain as bright as always to all of us. Not good bye, Miss Jeanne, just :Happy Trails” to a heavenly star; an earthly star that will shine always in our hearts.

  16. Thoughts and prayers for Ms. Jeanne, you are an amazing woman, I have watched Y & R since day one. Peace be with you and your family. Ms. C will be missed as I will pray for her recovery.

  17. I have watched her for 30 years and love her like she was my own family…xoxoxoxo…… I hope her journey home is painless, and I hope she remembers that she is loved!

  18. I am SO SAD right now.

    My thoughts are with Miss Jeanne, her family and friends. I want to hold out hope that she will rally and completely recover.

  19. This is not the kind of news I wanted to hear today. Have loved her and her Mrs. C. role for years. I lost my husband of 35 years unexpectedly In January, a very active man who didn’t miss a day playing golf or going to the gym. I will pray for you and all her family.
    God Bless to all of your family.

  20. This is heart breaking!! Mrs C. is a very much loved woman, the Y and the R will not be the same without her. My love and prayers goes out to her and her family.

  21. sorry to hear this news..i am a big fan of “Mrs. C” i realize this might be none of my business, but what is actually wrong with her? No matter what, she is in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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