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I told you two days ago, that Lindsay Lohan was offered $30,000– like a high school basketball player– by a rehab facility. Sources say that the offer was made by Morningside Rehab in Newport Beach, California. At the same time, they say, the Betty Ford Clinic was anxious to get Lindsay back since– my source says: “they did so badly with her the first time around. They wanted a second chance.”

There are loads of reports that Lindsay walked in and out of Morningside yesterday (Thursday) morning after flying in the middle of the night from New York via her pal Vikram Chatwal (our exclusive). When she arrived, Lindsay left immediately and no one knew why. It wasn’t because Morningside had the wrong accreditation, no license, and a bad history. It may have been because Morningside didn’t come through with the $30,000 honorarium as promised. And Lindsay, notes our source, is all about making money.

“She is far from flaky and she has a lot of bills to pay. She also has no money coming in.”

So now Lindsay is at the famous clinic, where she will get her 90 days for free and be able to smoke. And the story isn’t over. There are reports that Lohan fired attorney Mark Heller and rehired–through begging–Shawn Holley Chapman. But the story keeps changing. So you keep checking back and rereshing for updates, please…

also read: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lohan-rehab-ceo-defends-facility-but-state-says-its-not-a-residential-rehab-20130502,0,7536418.story

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