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Exclusive: We know “The Great Gatsby” opens the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, May 15th. But then what? It turns out the Roman Polanski’s “Venus in Fur” won’t play until the very end of the festival– Saturday, May 25th. That’s too bad. Many people will be long gone. Some other dates I can confirm: James Toback’s much anticipated documentary “Seduced and Abandoned” is tentatively set for May 20th at 7pm. Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Inside Llewyn Davis” will premiere on May 19th. Steven Soderbergh’s “Beyond the Candelabra” goes on the 21st. Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska”– which brings Bruce Dern to Cannes (I can’t wait)–goes up the red carpet on May 22nd. James Gray’s “The Immigrant” is set for May 23rd. “The Immigrant” stars Jeremy Renner, Marion Cotillard, and Joaquin Phoenix– and will undoubtedly be a hot ticket for that second Thursday night. By the way, the Coens’ movie stars Oscar Isaac and was already sold to CBS Films. I’m told it’s along the lines of “Barton Fink” (one of my all time favorite films) and “A Simple Man”– meaning it’s a “smaller” Coens film but absolutely amazing and a possible Oscar nominee.

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  1. You always get somebody chewing on an old bone that is the Polanski sex case… when there are clearly more important things to get ones knickers in a twist with these days. NRA anyone?

    Yes–lets arrest an 80 year old father of two for the unlawful sex he had with a 14 year old in the 70’s.

    Most sane people have let this go. Justice has been served for the man.

  2. Oh yes, too bad people won’t be around to see the child rapist, Roman Polanski’s film at Cannes. What a gosh, darn dirty shame.

    Mr. Friedman, your moral compass needs some work. You are fine with a criminal like Polanski, but you are still picking on Mel Gibson every chance you get? Get over it.

    I know you will not print this reply, you never do, I don’t know why you ask for replies, but you need to get think about who it is you admire.

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