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Rock bottom? “American Idol” fell under 11 million viewers last night and scored a 2.5 in the key demo. The show is disappearing as fast as Randy Jackson’s weight! This is especially alarming since Wednesday night was a 2.8. This means that with the selection of the three finalists, young people simply tuned out. The finalists are not exciting the audience at all. And the viewers dropped out as a whole–almost a half million of them left the show before even seeing the final choices. “Idol” was fourth in total viewers for the night. This doesn’t bode well for next week when “The Voice” and “Idol” air on the same night– May 8th. Plus there are rumors that Harry Connick Jr is being talked to for a spot at the judge’s table next season on “Idol.” He’d be a great addition as leader of the group with Randy Jackson. But they need young — sorry Harry– men for that panel. Young means under 35, not 45, if they’re going to compete with “The Voice.”

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