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“American Idol” is in serious trouble, kids. The long time champion of the ratings fell to an all time low last night. The total audience was only 11.08 million. Of that group only 2.8 million were in the key demo of 18-49. “Idol” was second for the night to “Modern Family.” But it’s this steady slide that has producers and network execs concerned. The explanation that this is the 12th season and that shows age is not holding water. “The Voice” is booming on NBC. “X Factor” will return and be rejuvenated according to my sources. Clearly “Idol” will he shaken up if it returns at all. If the trend of prior weeks continues tonight, then this episode will be even lower– and when “Idol” hits the 10 million mark, you’re going to hear screaming from Fox. Next Wednesday May 8th, “Idol” is up against “The Voice.” They’d better have something huge planned.


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