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Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan has chosen her rehab facility–it’s Morningside in Newport Beach, California. Lohan is supposed to be there tomorrow morning but she’s still in New York as of this writing. So what I’m told is that hotelier Vikram Chatwal has graciously offered to fly her out on a chartererd plane in the middle of the night. Lindsay will arrive at Morningside by 7am, in enough time for her lawyer, Mark Heller, to stroll into Los Angeles court at 8:30am and inform the judge of her whereabouts. It’s not clear if Morningside was the facility that offered Lohan $30,000, but they will give her her rehab for free in exchange for good publicity. So Lindsay has even more reason to make her 90 day residency work. If she can get serious and really knuckle down there’s a good chance she can get to work and make some movies. What she needs is cash– and not from concerned friends but from producers who can learn to bank on her. Robert Downey Jr. did it. Lindsay can, too. 

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