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We told you exclusively back on March 5th that Sarah Jessica Parker and Blythe Danner would appear this fall in a new Broadway play. http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/03/05/sarah-jessica-parker-looking-at-off-broadway-return-this-fall. The play is “The Commons of Pensacola,” written by actress Amanda Peet. Lynne Meadow will direct at her Manhattan Theater Club.

(Deadline.com decided to run the story today as their “exclusive,” which, of course, is funny and sad at the same time. They cannot seem to credit anyone else’s scoops but demand the credit for theirs.)

Nevertheless, we broke the story. Peet told me recently the play is about a Madoff like family who get into financial difficulties. Danner is the wife. Parker’s role is not known yet, although there’s a chance she’s the mistress of Danner’s husband.

Danner, by the way, just became a grandmother in real life for the third time. Her son, Jake Paltrow, a director, and his wife, Taryn Simon, welcome a baby girl just a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Whistler. Blythe’s other grandkids are Apple and Moses, from daughter Gwyneth. I met Whistler on the street over the weekend. She is very cute, and very alert, with a good grip. She’s a welcome addition to our downtown nabe!

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