Home Books Flashback Exclusive: Candice Bergen Memoir Headed to Silver Screen

Candice Bergen’s 1983 autobiography, “Knock on Wood,” is coming to the big screen. I reported this exclusively on February 14th– ten weeks ago. Today, Deadline.com says it’s their exclusive. There’s nothing I can do but call them out on it. Nikki Finke was suing The Hollywood Reporter over stolen stories. And yet this just goes on and on. All it takes is a quick Google search to see if a story you’re working on has already been written. Then you just say, first reported in….It’s so easy. Anyway, “Knock on Wood” will make a great film. I wish Bergen would write a Part 2 and take us through the rest of her life.


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  1. This is now a pattern. Isn’t there any other recourse you can use to make them enforce a decent acknowledging of other reporters? I remember Finke being a staunch supporter of the little guy, but I guess it only applies to the little guys in her fold. Frustrating.

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