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UPDATE I told you exclusively waaaaay back on February 22nd that Anne Hathaway‘s next movie would be called “SongOne.”   And, now it’s set: “SongOne” will shoot this spring. http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/02/22/exclusive-anne-hathaways-next-film-a-rock-music-indie-but-she-wont-sing

Hathaway doesn’t sing in this film. She’s the girlfriend of a rock star. Jonathan Demme and Anne’s husband Adam Shulman are co-producers. Kate Barker-Froyland wrote the screenplay and is directing. She’s the talented daughter of Sony Pictures Classics’ co-chief Michael Barker. The music is from Jenny Lewis, of Rilo Kiley fame, and Irish musician Johnny Flynn. Flynn co-stars in the film as the rocker, who’s Hathaway’s boyfriend. Got that?

“SongOne” could be another “Once,” when all is sung and done. We’ll see. I’ve heard great things about the script. For Hathaway, it’s a natural. Her first Oscar nomination was for Demme’s “Rachel Getting Married.”

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  1. Her first Oscar nomination was for Demme’s “Rachel at the Wedding.” Wrong goofy, how about some accuracy? Rachel Getting Married ring a bell?

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