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Oh, the Jacksons. Their game has not changed. I am told by an insider that while Paris and Prince were at school back on April 18th, their grandmother was summoned to a family meeting in Beverly Hills. According to sources, Mrs. Jackson went to daughter Janet’s house where she was met by Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie, Janet and several other family members.

The topic of this 1pm pow-wow: how to divvy up the billions the Jacksons expect to make reap from the wrongful death suit against AEG Live. “Jermaine is already talking about how he’s getting a new Ferrari and a Bentley,” says a source.

And strangely enough: LaToya Jackson wasn’t there. No one told her about the meeting.

It was only ten months ago that the same Jacksons– Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie– “kidnapped” Mrs Jackson to Arizona, hoping to get access to her money from Michael Jackson’s estate.

The 1 pm meeting, it’s believed, was designed to take place while Prince and Paris were in school. According to my sources, Michael Jackson’s kids do not know this meeting took place. This might be of note to Prince, especially, who has lately been listening to Jermaine and Randy, according to insiders.

The AEG case is going to hinge on whether the Jackson lawyers can prove AEG knew Michael was ill, and somehow encouraged Dr. Conrad Murray to ignore the facts. It’s also going to depend on how much Murray reported to AEG at all. This may prove difficult since Murray was never paid, and was “hired” by Michael. The AEG side is going to say Michael insisted on Murray, and they simply acquiesced.

In any case, the Jacksons shouldn’t be buying anything expensive before a verdict is reached.

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  1. the only thing that will come out in this trial is that both the Jackson family and MJs fans will lose some illusions about MJs health and psyche (which were huge). AEG Live won’t be bothered at all about any image losses, the Jackson will be.

  2. Roger I suppose the idea that visibly BLACK people would get bbbbbBillions bothers the hell out of you!!!!!!! U seem not to have any problem with Paris, Prince, Blanket getting MONEY but those BLACK-looking Jacksons, you’re just sick to your stomach thinking of the possibility.

    Just STOP IT! It’s NOT your money so why you sooooo worried about it!!!!!

  3. The source could have been from the hotel employees. My guess is the family got together to strategize making sure their answers are consistant when they are on the witness stand.

    Katherine’s kids want their mother to win this case so they have inheritance money.

  4. Some of you are so stupid! The family can’t get anything when there’s still nothing to get. And there still is one Jackson who remains wealthy and who’s married someone wealthier, that’s JANET Jackson!! Janet was a millionaire by the time she could drive a car. She’s never needed money from Michael or anyone else. So stop with this BS!

  5. People don’t understand these folks do they? Mother is the face of the lawsuit because she has credibility in the public eye. Any amount she get will go to her kids because this suit is not about justice for Michael but money for the J’s. They are greedy, greedy. Janet still involved in this mess huh and Rebbie didn’t even like her brother Michael. Why she so concerned now?

  6. @anon: The children are legally Michael Jackson’s (as well as emotionally), and their DNA does not come into it. Odd that people don’t understand this.

    This meeting can have happened, or not. No one knows. Mrs Jackson can meet her children any time she likes, and discuss what ever she wants. It’s difficult to trust the MJ siblings for several reasons, one being that some of them did indeed live off their brother. But let’s not spread rumours that are not proven. I think Prince said on his twitter account that his father warned him about “certain people”, so he is probably prepared for what ever they might do and try to talk him into. He should especially say no to business ventures with them. Firmly.

    As for the case in itself, Murray might have been hired by MJ, but he knew damn well who had the money, who would pay him, and consequently who he was in reality reporting to – the AEG. .

  7. You still keep on writing the same shit all the time. Why do not take a third age course at Uni in ..who know…ethics in the civil world! You piece of shit

  8. AEG did not honestly care if the show went on or not. They sold out 50 shows and then some…did they honestly think if the star died and the shows didn’t happen that the concert-goers would want to return their tickets for a refund? They made bank either way!

  9. the jacksons are insane,if they lose they will next say michaels children are really not his so they shoulnd get any of the estate and then sue them and throw momma jackson in nursing home. someone do something ,i know, jermaine go get a job ,all of you ,you all have talent!

  10. Jermaine, Janet, Randy, and Rebbie Jackson are not plaintiffs in this suit. If the Jacksons prevail, the four of them won’t be awarded any money. This story is not logical. Sounds like a fabrication from the usual suspects – the unnamed ‘sources’ who have buzzed around the Jacksons for years.

  11. Guess I’m confused. Wouldn’t the Estate be the only ones to have standing in a lawsuit? And doesn’t Mrs. Jackson only have a life interest? So really only the kids have an interest. Greedy, lazy people,

  12. why are you lying ? Roger ,this is a lie , the suit has KJ ‘s name & the kids on it . How’s Jermaine have access to it ? How much did the estate & AEG pay you to spread lies ? You are disgusting

  13. I am so sick of the family sniffing around every corner looking for money that michael had. They even low enough to try a sue anyone just for the buck. They all treated michael like chit, had excuses for everything. Michael did all the suffering, his family did all the milking.

  14. Well, I guess the idea that any jury award being donated to charity in Michael’s name won’t happen. So much for justice. Personally, I hope they are exposed for the crude phonies they are and don’t get one dime.

  15. I find it Incredible and Unbelievable that a Metting to dicuss “divving up awards” and “Buying cars” and spending Money EVER took place.. I mean WHO would they have this meeting in front of, that might then turn around and sell it to say … YOU .. Or any tabloid. I sayB.S

    Also I doubt Mrs J will be awarded a Great deal of Money anyway considering her age, and any judgement wont consider her childrens supposed right to benefit.. If Large sum’s are given Only the children will get any major amount, as they have all filed seperately for any awards/damages.
    And Im sure Those monies will be managed by a court appt accountant to ensure the money is safe.
    Mrs J may also get an award but it wont be Billions, It may be a decent and respectful award, but one that considers her Age.. And that her beneficiaries are all grown and not dependant on her, or atleast shouldnt be.. They may also take into account what MJ would have wished for.. Certainly enough to live in comfort without begging the Estate for every dime, But not so much as the Kids/Grandkids can manipulate her.

    But again, I do not believe any meeting that you mentioned even happened, And if it did Im sure it was a far cry from what You reported.

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