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Sources connected to “American Idol” tell me there’s no truth to rumors that Jennifer Lopez was being wooed back to the show to replace Mariah Carey mid-season. “That would be the stupidest move in the history of television,” an Idol insider told me late tonight. “And it’s never been brought up, I’ve never heard of it. Someone planted that item before a live show to cause trouble.”

The story is in the online Hollywood Reporter. But on the face of it, it’s crazy. The story claims that Carey caught wind and threatened litigation. Not only that: the story says Lopez might perform on the show’s finale. I don’t think so. Carey and Lopez are not exactly bff’s. Lopez, working with Tommy Mottola after Carey left for EMI Records, helped instigate a dark time in Carey’s life.

The two have also at different times had the same manager, Benny Medina. There is no love lost there. Just not happening. For the record, off the record: Carly Rae Jepsen is on the finale. And Carey could perform, too.

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