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Tom Cruise is no longer living in box office oblivion. Despite so so reviews and a ComScore of B minus, Cruise had his biggest opening weekend with “Olivion” since “Mission Impossible III” in 2006. “Oblivion” took oin $38.1 million in the US. In Europe and around the world the sci-fi adventure is also a hit.

The foreign total is $112 million so far, bring the total sum to $150 million. Bad reviews didn’t seem to hurt the film in which Cruise doesn’t have much to say. As many have noted, he’s actually playing a live action version of Wall E. But that’s what works abroad in non English speaking countries. And true enough, in “Oblivion” the special effects are the star.

But hey: whatever works. And I’ll even give Cruise props. “Oblivion” negates his last four or five movies including the terrible “Jack Reacher” and “Knight and Day,” as well as the truly hilarious “Valkyrie.”

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  1. Roger, you say that the success of “Oblivion” negates Cruise’s last four or five movies, but you fail to mention “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, which was the BIGGEST hit of his career to date. The idea that Cruise has been on a long losing streak is laughable.

  2. M:I – Ghost Protocol did well, but no one wants to do the math (or the research) and report that GP opened slowly, first as an IMAX film. Combining that with the wide regular screen opening weekend, and GP was a huge opening-weekend hit. Just sayin’.

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