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UPDATE: Matt Lauer got a one minute or less stand-up from West, Texas. Now we know why Lauer rhymes with “Glower.” He looked like he was going to bit through his jaw. It’s not his fault. The “Today” is presenting a newscast from 1956. Meanwhile, “GMA” has a correspondent who spoke in Russian to the suspects’ father. “GMA” is active, busy, with cuts to everyone. NBC is static. Poor Savannah. They’ve given her nothing. While Stephanopolous is being set up to talk to everyone–now a neighbor who saw everything this morning–Guthrie is just by herself. Tragic.

EARLIER: George Stephanopolous is anchoring “Good Morning America”‘s coverage of the Boston emergency. Their chief investigative reporter Brian Ross is on the air right now. Charlie Rose is at his position on CBS’s “This Morning.” CNN  has Chris Cuomo, recently added to the network, interviewing a friend of the bombing suspect. But over on the beleaguered “Today” show, it’s the very nice but secons stringer Lester Holt on the ground in Watertown. Savannah Guthrie, looking like a deer in headlights, is anchoring the desk in New York. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Waco, Texas.

In what can only be described as a terrible decision, Lauer was deployed for some reason to the Waco explosion story instead of being sent to Boston where a closer and more urgent emergency has been unfolding since Monday. With all the crazy errors this week in various media (especially the New York Post), this may be the last straw.

ABC News even scored an interview with the bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s classmate, Sierra Schwartz, an hour before NBC put her on the air with Guthrie.  Ouch. NBC News, oddly, is also absent Brian Williams. But the MIA Lauer is a black eye this morning considering revelations this week in the New York Times Magazine from a new book about how the “Today” show tortured Ann Curry before she was ousted from the program last year.

Update: and it’s really a disaster on “Today.” The show is cutting between talking head Guthrie and a correspondent in Boston standing behind an inactive barricade. Meanwhile, “GMA” is action, action, action. Frankly, I’m surprised. NBC has nothing. It’s just Savannah and tape packages. Yikes. Guthrie (9:39am) now turns to Al Roker for weather in Chicago. Wow.

My advice: cbs.local.com.com which is WBZ in Boston. They’re live streaming from Boston, and they’re excellent.

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  1. I hate seeing Matt Liar’s face so wherever he is, I’m compelled to change the channel. Today needs to reassign him STAT. The ship is sinking and it’s time to throw out the dead weight.

  2. I think that Matt Lauer got a bad break – and that Savannah Guthrie handled herself admirably – I switched to GMA just to see how the ongoing story was being reported, but still have my trust in NBC. The story is overwhelming no matter what station you were watching today….. and why all the bashing on Matt Lauer – Ann Curry was, and is a great news person, but was NOT good as a Today show anchor – she was not comfortable in her posiition and you could see it – why is that someone else’s fault – honestly no one could have helped her – was just not her strong suit….

  3. Kudos to Savannah Guthrie. I have been watching NBC all morning, since about 7:30am. Savannah is thorough, poised, and asks great questions. Bad move on Matt Lauer’s part to go to Texas, but good move for Savannah to remain in NYC. Savannah stayed on the air until about 1pm, looking as fresh as if it were 7am. She handled herself professionally, calmly, and compassionately. I hope to see Savannah do some investigative reporting.
    Great job Savannah. Finally, an intelligent and accomplished woman is being recognized by NBC for what she is worth. You were able to step up to the plate and hit a home run. Keep it up.

  4. I think you need to get a life. NBC’s coverage was excellent and most importantly ACCURATE! Savannah Guthrie showed why she is an awesome journalist and very professional.

  5. Laughable! NBC/Today/Lauer reap what they sow! They are merely out of touch, out of IT,
    nervously running around like chickens w/o heads! (yes! I do know what chickens look like running around w/o heads)! KARMA …… and it hasn’t ended YET!

  6. The NBC Today show top executive and those beneath should be fired!!! I left immediately for George on ABC! I felt sorry for the today show…Savannah, cute, but Hoda would have been better.

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