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Exclusive: I’m told that Paris Jackson the precocious teenage daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, is going Hollywood. Sources say she’s signed with Rick Yorn, the very respected manager of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Martin Scorese, among others. Paris did tell a British newspaper that she wants to be a doctor one day. But it’s also obvious she has thoughts about an entertainment career.

With over 1 million Twitter followers, and a basically sunny disposition, Paris has a lot of potential. Her brother, Prince, has already booked a few gigs via aunt LaToya Jackson. But Paris was persuaded to go a more professional route. There’s a lot going on with Paris anyway. She and Prince are in depositions for their wrongful death civil suit against AEG Live.

Last year, it was basically Paris who sounded the alarm that something up was with her grandmother and legal guardian, Katherine Jackson. It was because of Paris that Mrs. Jackson was returned home, and the Jackson siblings backed off trying to get her money.

And I told you a couple of weeks ago that she and Debbie Rowe are getting closer. I’m told that Paris has even had an overnight at Debbie’s horse ranch in the California desert. So this an all good news report.

Calls to Rick Yorn weren’t returned. But if there’s a further statement I’ll add it. Keep refreshing…

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  1. She said she wanted to act while she’s in high school. She also said via her Twitter that she didn’t give the OK for the magazine to publish the heart surgeon comment. If she’s going to pursue an entertainment career, she would be better off going with this guy than with La Toya. If it’s true, good luck to her!

  2. I hope this is true. It would be great if this kid got some heavyweights in her corner. I feared she would just be swallowed up by the Z-listers in the industry.

    I now hope tyhis pushes Prince gets away from Latoya now.

  3. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that TJ LIED in the courtroom and that Trent released that tape to the media saying that Janet slapped Paris. Janet didn’t, but I wish she did, Paris deserved it! That estate is robbbing those kids who should have money, but they DON’T! They’re getting allowances.

  4. Paris didn’t do shit but cause a media ruckus. Katherine was returned after 10 days, that wasn’t because of Paris. That wasn’t to get money, it’s impossible to get anything because the only beneficiaries are MJ’s ”offspring”.

  5. Good for Paris that she is following her dreams, and bonding with her mother. She is a young girl, and she needs her mother in her life. Do you know if Prince is spending time with Debbie as well?

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