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On “The Young and the Restless,” Katherine Chancellor has survived just about everything– a philandering husband, alcoholism, many kidnappings, business reversals, etc. But her portrayer, veteran actress Jeanne Cooper, sounds like she’s up against her toughest fight. The 84 year old has been playing Katherine Chancellor, the imperious formerly alcoholic matriarch of “The Young and the Restless,” since the show’s first year in 1973. Now word is out that Cooper is in serious but stable condition in a Los Angeles hospital. We’re sending her our prayers and good thoughts. Her son, actor Corbin Bernsen (of “L.A. Law” fame) has been sending out messages via Twitter and Facebook for a couple of days now. The situation sounds fairly serious. Bernsen wrote on Facebook:

“Somewhat of an exhausting day with not much change for my mom. Healing is happening but outward signs are small and only visible in numbers I still don’t fully understand. I prayed today with her, alone, vocally and assured her it was about recovery and not finality – so important. It seemed to genuinely lift her spirits or something energetic from a quiet place in her soul. Even got something of a smile when I asked for one but her brows suggested more of a “are you out of your ******* mind!” Had a laugh and cry over that. With so many ups and downs I also did some serious questioning about the bigger issues of God and faith, and why a younger fellow next door didn’t make it with so many grieving family and friends waiting nearby. Just so odd, so much life actually in full display. I left the place drained, yet assured we are headed in the proper direction. This is truly a time I’ll have to learn that we are indeed moving in a direction and there really is no map to guide, and I must put faith and trust in the journey that is an open road with bumps, curves, downhills, uphills and glorious views along the way. Left the hospital somewhat numb by the sheer volume of emotion experienced. For those who need a Cliff Note version of the above.. mom is steady, bumps in the road but heading in the right direction though still without guarantees and the absolutes I long for. Such is life, literally! God Bless all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. They are the fuel right now and we’re tapping into every ounce of it.”

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