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The record business is shaken today by news of a probable murder: Tim Carr, the A&R exec who signed the Beastie Boys and other cutting edge groups, was found dead yesterday in Thailand. The 57 year old A&R exec who worked for Capitol and other labels, had a long knife wound across his chest when he was found naked in his room, according to Phuket News viz The Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Thai news reported “qround the room was signs of a disturbance and numerous blood stains. There was also evidence of drug usage after the Colonel spotted a rolled-up 20 Baht note and a plastic card covered in white powder. Large amounts of prescribed medication was also seen.”

Carr was a cousin of New York Times reporter David Carr, who Tweeted news of his death later. Tim Carr had been at the center of Minneapolis’s art and music scene, and had worked with bands like Devo and Babes in Toyland and artists (and musicians) like David Byrne and Cindy Sherman. He was instrumental in the Beastie Boys’ breakthrough album “Paul’s Boutique.”

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  1. Not a Beasties expert, but I believe their breakthrough (and that is an understatement) is their first, Licensed to Ill. Sold a billion copies. In Brooklyn alone. Paul’s paled, inevitably.

  2. My condolences to his family and colleagues and I hope they find the person responsible for this. It’s not hard to speculate what happened.

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