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Remember Oksana Grigorieva? Mel Gibson’s infamous ex and baby mama has a new album coming out on June 4th. The first single is called “Party.” I know that personally I cannot wait for this release. I would include a link to her website but it doesn’t appear to be functional. Even so it doesn’t look like Oksana is going to go away. The press release doesn’t say if she’s on a label. You may recall that Mel started Icon Records for her in 2009, intending to make Oksana the next big thing.

Here’s an excerpt from her press release:

A child prodigy in Russia, Oksana was instilled with a passion for music and started playing classical piano at age 4 and by the time she was 7 she was writing her own music and performing Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky in concerts.  The evolution of Oksana’s artistic talents continued after she graduated from university at the early age of 19.  Though music was her singular passion, her beauty attracted the attention of modeling agencies in London.  Despite the fact that her modeling career flourished Oksana always kept her focus on music.  She continued working on her instrumental compositions and song writing skills. She composed the music for a few independent films, and also for stage productions with Gregory Peck and Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave.

To continue her musical evolution, Oksana moved to New York and then LA where she made inroads as a song-writer. Several demo sessions led to her first major break. In 2006, Josh Groban recorded her song “Un Dia Llegara” for his album ”Awake” and Oksana has had many influences from the top ranks of pop music including Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Chrissie Hyde, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.  Oksana has often returned to her native Russia to perform concerts for the children who are victims of Chernobyl. She is a spokesperson for the Chernobyl Children’s Project International.


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  1. Elizabeth, you are too ignorant to realize Cranberry has a personal interest in putting down Oksana. You are also silly for going on a buzz site to comment on other people’s comment. Fortunately, you beat me to it.

  2. I can now see that most of the article above is her press release so that all the lies come from oksana and not from Roger Friedman.
    Which is positiv.
    I am not surprised that she write so many lies as not only does she lies but she has a very short memory of the lies she told before as everybody could see during all of 2010 and her contradictory statements to the media.
    So she say herself that she played concert at age 7?
    how funny
    in her biography she begin to play at age 4 and to write owen compositions at age 6.. later changed to age 9 and now its at 7..
    I supose that too many years under the sovjet propaganda machine left her beleiving that one could lie about anything, and say anything without the shred of a prove. and that the biggest the lie the more people will believe it.
    The biggest problem here is that she seems to believe in her own lies, and have no longer any clue on what is true and what is faulse.

  3. Roger Friedman your article contain over 70% faulse informations, and maybe a part of voluntarily lies.
    I would like to know if the freedom of expression apply only to you or if you are “generous” enough to also make it apply to readers and commentators?
    I do not see any comments and i have posted one and some friends have, but none of those appear here they have been removed.
    Any idea why? Are you receiving money from oksana to publish an article so fill with lying compliments, and faulse accomplishments?

    You could at least have the decency to let people correct the errors in your article when you do not have the courage to correct it yourself or the professionalism to seek correct source and informations yourself.
    Maybe i expect too much from you as it seems that you have been writting a lot of lies on IMDB and that you dislike particulary Mel Gibson and will therefor support anyone, true or not, who could do anything wrong against the actor.

    That album was announced for “coming out soon” and “almost finished” in march 2011 by Garbus, one of oksanas lawyer, and again in november 2011 by the same lawyer, but this time it was done in court (!)
    She again announced that her album was ready to be launched in december 2012, “coming in february” and that she was working on the last songs, and she told again in janaury 2013 that her album will be released on february 6. 2013. but this time added that she had written the first song of the album (!?) meaning that a month earlier she was lying, and that in march 2011 and november 2011 she had done what? Thought about doing it??
    and now Roger Friedman say its for june 4th. Really?
    The album was to be released in february 6, 2013, thats over 2 months ago and a bit late to announce a delay.. lol.
    But from experience, 2009, we know she does it all the time like even announcing the release of her album 4 times again AFTER it had already been released..

    No, friedman, Mel Gibson didnt started Icon record for her in 2009.. he started it in 2008 and it wasn’t for her but for himself, but oksana contacted him for the first time, via Peter Liederman, the pimp, a short time after he had aquired those studios.. Interesting hmmm?

    Icon Record was sold to a russian oligarch, which is also interesting, friend of Warner bros owner, in November 07. 2009, so Mel Gibson could barely have bought it and sold it at the same time..

    Oksana was never a child prodigy in Russia..
    Nobody had ever heard of her in Russia until she made a press conference on April 19, 2010, at the Kosmokolva Pravda, to announce that she wasn’t with Mel Gibson anymore.

    She also stated in that interview to be long time friend with Peter from Saransk like her, in Mordovia, living in Ca, also known as “Russia Pimp” in Russia, and be aware of his field of work (prostitution, narco, women traffiking) and that he had arranged for her to meet David Foster and Mel Gibson, thanks to his contacts, each time she had contacted him, after Timothy dalton had thrown her out, and was in need of easy cash.

    No she has never performed Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky in concert EVER, and has NEVER played a concert in Russia before April 2010, at age 42 and could barely play. She did certainly not play at age 7!

    She in fact begin to go to a music school in Saransk, Mordovia, where her mother was a teacher, at age 15 and was out of it by age 17..
    She didnt even finished that school, and left before passing the tests.

    Nope, she never went to university in her life,
    In fact she has no education what so ever, no college degree, and not even a common work qualification of anykind.
    It might explain why she resort to lies to decorate her rather very empty CV..

    What wil be her qualifications? hanging up with old wealthy guys?
    You can say that she begin doing that at a very early age, as she never dated anyone her age in England except for that photographer. While still living in Saransk she married a young man to can get a passport and money from his family. She was 10 and was married less than 2 months, and left immediatly after to London.

    Roger, at age 19 oksana was no longer living in Russia, so how could she have graduate from university there hmm?
    In fact she got married at age 19 in Russia, with a student whos family was rich, and stole money from him and his family, and left Russia for London 2 months later, at age 19.

    Once in London she was working in a coffee shop as waitress for a russian pimp, also dealing with drugs, who is nowaday on the CIA wanted list as being a head member of the russian mafia.
    (this info can easily be verified on the CIA website)
    She never ever worked for any modeling agencies in London but had her photo taken by a photographer that she was sleeping with.
    There is absolutly nothing of her as a model anywhere.

    She never had a career of any kind, so even less a florishing model career in London.
    Come with one prove of that Friedman.

    She never played a single concert in London in the 10 years she lived there.
    Which is estonishing if she had any kind of talent. Specialy with the kind of crew she was frequenting.
    Even tho she lived with wealthy old men, for 2 years at the time, who provided generously for her, so she could get both money and visa and the english nationality, and with peole who had contact in the cultural class of london, which even include an old ballet dancer, who could easily have managed to give her acces to classical concert hall where to perform, big or small, she never gave a single concert in her 10 years in london and her english was a disaster.
    Not even a café concert!

    After she married an english old man and lived with him for 2 years, she divorced him as soon as she got the english nationality.
    She then moved in with another old wealthy english man, and stayed with him for 2 years, and was engaged with him and ment to marry him in the following weeks, when her coming husband who knew a lot of people, took her to a party where Timothy Dalton was, and she managed to leave with Dalton and sleep with him the very same night, and first contacted her coming husband 5 days later, when she came home to pick up all her clothes and stuff, without saying a word to her coming husband, and moved in with Timothy Dalton, without previous accord with Dalton either..
    She never spoke a word to her coming husband while taking her things, and never contacted him again.. it must be oksana’s form for gratitude “once i dont need you anymore you can just die, i dont care”..
    All that was told in the english media in 1996, and was to be found in 2010-2011, in interviiews made of that man.

    4 weeks after meeting with Timothy Dalton, she was pregnant with timothy dalton, who didnt like the incident, and the way she had found into him and coined him.
    He of course never married her, for obvious reasons.

    She never played a concert or attempted to do so, nor made any music or record nor attempted to do so in all her time with Timothy Dalton in London..
    Thats because she was with timothy dalton that she came to USA and not because of her music she never had a music career ever.
    She made the music of a 10 minutes amator video and of an add, and that was it.
    She never work with Gregory Peck and Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave.
    I am afraid that you are mixing up things total here, Roger Friedman.

    Vanessa Redgrave was Timothy Dalton’s lover for over 10 years, when oksana show up at that party, and got herself pregnant “par hasard”, after oksana had spend 10 years with different men, was even married twice, and almost married a third time with another one, lived with 3 men for 2 years each, without becoming pregnant ever! ..
    So her sudden pregnancy with Dalton, who was choked, cannot be just an accident.
    It ment that Dalton had to cut public contacts with his lover Vanessa Redgrave, and that was a disaster for them both.
    The golddiger was on her fast track.

    Oksana has NEVER lived in New York.

    She didn’t made any musical inroad, she simply got thrown out by Timothy Dalton and went golddiging in the bed of music mogul David Foster for 3 years, not knowing that he had a vasectomy done a few years before.. Must be why it lasted that long.
    But she did tried..
    Thus her very long and close connection with David Foster who own a huge record studio, she never made an album, so it must be a sign that she was not talented at all and was totaly unable to sing, play piano, and to write, since after 3 years all she had was a little piano accompagnement of one song for another singer..
    Nothing to write about, really.. as D. Foster’s lover if she had any shaddow of a talent, she could have got some CD out. and more than one.

    She never wrote the song Un Dia Legra, you can look at the US copyrigth central and see who wrote that song,. It was an american female pianist but not oksana who still have the english nationality.
    Oksana name is on it as a performer of the piece on piano, but even there it is done not alone but together with that american pianist.
    She is not even listed as the writer of the music of that song.

    David foster was genrerous and let her have her name there so that she could get a prolongation of her visa, and thats it.

    Its a bit like on the CD she released in 2009, most numbers are played by a professional male pianist, and not by oksana. They had to hire a real pianist as oksana even after months of rehearsal was unable to play the numbers.
    Which was visible when she had to play on TV, and had to rehearse several months just for one track (!!!) and have her mother shiped from moscow to give her lessons at home everyday.
    And even worse when she had to play in Moscow, where a professional russian signer came to save her face, as she performed only 3 songs, for a small crew of 20-30 persons in a small hotel salon, and had prepared for it since october 2009.. a whole year fro less than 15 minutes appearance, less than 10 minutes play and singing..
    Even an amator can do 10 times better than that.

    So I am afraid that you will have to face the music of truth mister Friedman, and live with the fact that she always was totaly unable to do anything at all, except sleeping with old rich man, and last time i cheked it isnt called being a pianist or a singer or an artist, but selling sex for money and advantages is call Prostitution.

    Nope she didnt often return to Russia to play concerts for chernobyl childrens.
    i dont know where you have that one from but it sounds so made up as can be.

    Sorry but she went back to Russia only once in her life, and that was in April 2010, to give a press conference and promote herself and her CD, and use the chernobyl association as a platform to promote her CD and her name, both in Russia and worldwide, as her CD had made a big silencious flop in USA.

    The concert had been arranged by Mel Gibson’s contacts, as part of the contract he had signed with her in May 2009, to promote her career, so Icon was trapped by it, and oksana managed to get some oligarchs to come in a hotel.
    But the truth is that it was a laborious process to put up such an insignificant concert, as nobody knew her nor wanted her to play a concert there.
    Only by using the cover of chernobyl kids spokeperson, she could make a pseudo concert, disguised as a charity concert, and get some non prominent wealthy russian to come and give her some money…

    The fake concert lasted 15 minutes and was done inside a hotel’s salon with no more than 20 – 30 people as audience.. thus it was announced in the media and prepared long in advance, thanks to Mel Gibson’s money and contract. I dont call that a concert.

    It is also worth to note that Oksana took the money given for the Cherbnobyl foundation and left Russia with it. She kept it for herself.

    She never was! Contact the foundation if you have any doubt.

    I found even unbelievable that she is still using that today, when she was contacted by the police about it and by 2 lawyers, in October and November 2010.

    She had made a facebook page of her using the foundation’s logo and name, but it was taken down by Facebook, after the foundation was alerted by members and contacted Facebook.

    She abused of the name of that foundation to can put up a concert in Moscow and get lots of money from oligarch there, by having a few of them invited to her micro concert (that she had a professional russian singer to help her with, because she cannot sing at all) but instead to give the money to that foundation, she stole it and left the country with it.

    She actualy bought herself a flat in central moscow with part of the money.

    The foundation thought first that she was really intending to help them, and she also contacted them and came to see one of their orphanage, but she used the photos and contacts as a promotion campaign to set up her faulse concert in Moscow, and to make herself a name, and also to change her reputation as golddigger, and attempt to replace it with some kind of charity image, not so selfcentered, and centered on money making, but she had no intention to help the childrens.
    As always she just used others, no matter if they are rich or poor, and then trash them out once she couldn’t used them anymore.

    What happened is a huge scandal who was also mentioned in the media and tabloids, but on a very low key compare with how they echoed the lies she made against Mel Gibson.
    Her agent for media took care to have that story down, and radar online never mentioned it, of course, since oksana has a contract with them.

    The spokeperson of that organisation send a dementi to the media telling that oksana had never work for them.
    By that time many had bought her CD to can support that organisation as she also alledged that money made from her CD also went to that organiasation. All was a lie.
    Thats how she had presented it on her facebook profile that she had made, as well as on her website.
    BTW she had up to 5 websites running at the same time, where she gave several versions of her CV and of her biography, who are not at all compatible with each others.
    She has taken down some of those websites when many people found out about the lies she wrote there, but she has often kept altering her biography on her IMDB site, with infos who are absolutly faulse, and very often contradictory or even impossible.
    Like studying at the Moscow music conservatory and the ballet school of St Petersbourg at the same time.
    She is not listed in the archives of any of those establishments.

    Oksana’s actions show that she is nothing more than a thieve a lier and a golddiger, and not an accomplished pianist nor a pianist either.
    Her mother was a pianist teacher, so she can play some piano, but she play out of key even with several months of rehearsals, which mean that she is undertalented, and was never able to learn to play piano.

    Average piano player are better qualified than she is, and even with the studio’s digital filter for faulse note, you still can hear that she plays piano out of key and sing faulse, which is why it took such an unusual very long time to make her CD, even with the help of professional music player and singers and pianists.

    The fact alone that she never recorded a single album during all the years she spend in the bed of the music mogul billionaire and owner of the biggest recording studio, David Foster, speak for itself. It prove that he refused to make her a CD because she had no musical capacity.
    Why will David Foster have been opposed to help her make a career if she had any talent at all, wether it was in singng, piano playing, or song or music writting?

    Also the fact that when she finaly made a CD paid by Mel Gibson, most songs are written by Mel Gibson and 2 of the songs are taken from russian classical gypsy songs from Mordovia, so not from her, while the music of a third one was stolen from a russian woman pianist from the 1800, whos name dont even figure on her CD, but where she put oksana g as owner, which engrossed many russian musicians and classical music connoissors, speaks loudly about her lack of musical talent or even hability.
    But also of her lack of ethic and respect for other artists.

    The comments on the subject can still be read on the comment section of articles about oksana on the kosmokolva Pravda online. year 2010, where both music students and music professors from different music conservatorium in Russia, were grossed and angry and choked at her way to steal the music from that russian pianist from 1800.

    Most of what she played in that CD is a plagiat.
    And since she never released an album before, in 40 years, if she had been a talented and prodige music and song writer, as you present her to be, you will think that she had a lot of songs waiting..
    But no, she had nothing, and that was her central problem when she had to make that CD in 2009. to found music and songs to can make a CD, and as you can see it is stil an actual problem since she is using the same modus operandi as last time, of announcing a coming CD for years, with nothing coming out anyway…
    She even stole the poems that a french woman had put on the internet in 2006, 3 of them, that she slightly transformed with Mel Gibson’s help, and put her name and Mel Gibson’s name on it, making her the copyright owner of those lyrics who are not of her at all.
    So nothing in that album is from her.
    “Beautifull heartache” and “I love the way you wear your skin” are taken from a french poem writter.
    I know the poet who wrote those lyrics personaly, and can therefor stand by my words when I am stating that she stole those poems from a french woman.

    All in all oksana is a fake, in everything.
    She not only steal money from rich men, but also money from russian families, children organisation, and steal songs and poem and music from real artists, and lies about it.

    Oksana is a very dislikable person, and i dont understand how you can put your name on a text who claim that she is a talented musician with a list of non existing accomplishment, while keeping silent on all the scandalous things she actualy did.

  4. Why are you promoting this woman? We both know that she cannot sing a lick, she dated the great David Foster before she dated Mel Gibson, (why did you leave that out of her bio)? and if he could not make her famous how on earth is going anywhere now? You must be desperate if you want to give her a helping hand.

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