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With the recent news about Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels solidifies his position as King of NBC.  Still with “SNL,” now Michaels takes on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and “Late Night” with Seth Meyers. I’m told Michaels will visit NBC on the West Coast next week to put the finishing touches on all these arrangements. He will retain the title of Executive Producer on all the shows, but let secondary producers run “Tonight” and “Late Night” on a day to day basis.

That’s right. I told you this on March 22nd before anyone else: www.showbiz411.com/2013/03/22/if-jay-leno-is-out-lorne-michaels-would-have-snl-tonight-and-late-night-with-seth-meyers. Meyers is all but sewn up.

Michaels will now have three live shows running concurrently out of the same building, 30 Rock. I’m told  The guest booking alone will be overwhelming. Who does which show and when?

And then there’s the weekly grind of “SNL.” This season they lost Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg. Jason Sudeikis is kind of gone. Meyers’ exit will be a blow since he’s head writer and does the “Weekend Update” news cast. “SNL” is going to be getting a major retooling. But there are some winners among the up and comers, especially Kate McKinnon and Taran Killam. Then you still have Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, and Fred Armisen. And Bill Hader remains Michaels’s true star. Will he stay another year? And why haven’t a savvy manager and agent come along and organized Hader into a big career? He’s actually kind of brilliant.

And so this new world opens up with Lorne Michaels, some 38 years after “Saturday Night Live” launched with the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. The inmates have finally taken over the asylum.

PS Maybe they’ll give him the Today show. He could fix it!

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  1. Wow, SNL is still on? Its been atleast 20 years since it was funny. In my opinion, when you have to rely on sex related topics for 95% of your comedy, its boring and unoriginal.

  2. Being the king of a 5th place network when you are partially responsible for it’s 5th place status isn’t a great accomplishment.

  3. SNL has become a leftist, masturbatory hate-fest (hating all who question Marxist stupidity).

    So, of course, NBC wants to spread the hate by giving Michaels even more power.

    Maybe we are doomed.

  4. Michaels is a morally bankrupt obama shoe shiner. I gave up on SNL many, many years ago because they kept lowering the bar every single year. They just kept getting cruder, and fouler, and more perverse, and meaner and more political (radical of course!). I officially gave up on all of television cold turkey one night many years ago when a voice inside either my head or heart loudly and plainly said, “You’re laughing, but what you’re laughing at isn’t FUNNY! This show (Frasier) doesn’t reflect your values at all!”.

    Nothing more was said to me. Nothing more NEEDED to be said. The message couldn’t have been any clearer or stronger. I immediately got up from my chair, told my wife what GOD had just said to me, left the room mid-episode, and haven’t turned on the TV since, except for an exceedingly rare college football game or auto race. And I mean rare! I experienced no withdrawal and no cravings to start watching any of “my shows” ever again. Pure bliss. My life has improved since I stopped routinely filling it with Hellyweed’s cesspool productions. For umpteen years I had been filling my head with garbage created by GOD-less, indecent lowlifes that ran counter to everything I believed in. What was I thinking?!? Frankly, I don’t think I was. I believe I simply kept rationalizing that these shows were popular and there was absolutely nothing wrong with watching them. If it made me laugh and/or think, it had to be good for me, right? Besides, it gave me something to do at work the following day besides just work. Co-workers and I would likely discuss what we had watched the night before and compare notes.

    What I failed to remember during all this time was the old saying, “GARBAGE IN — GARBAGE OUT!”. Darn if that isn’t one of the truest sayings ever uttered, and it goes for audible, visible and actual food! Think about it.

    Well anyway, it took GOD to actually wake me up to reality, and I will be eternally grateful!

  5. SNL hasn’t changed; it’s still the shallow, puerile, Gliberal wank that it always was, which is why it appealed then, as it does now, to shallow, puerile, incipient-Gliberal wankers.
    We changed. We grew up; we saw the unfunny unlovely side to a so-called “comedy” show whose agenda was to suck up to Hollywood and its Democrats.
    There’s the tragedy; Lorne does not recognise, cannot recognise, that comedy CAN appeal to those who are no longer pimply juveniles. Lorne is himself a stuck-in-the-teens wanker and can see no further than his hand as a source of pleasure!

  6. All hail the King of Schlock. Of course Michaels would be deemed NBC’s “comedy” chieftain, much as the Big Mac is considered a gourmet meal for many in this era.

    It’s tragic that the sad sack unfunny Fallon, and now the woefully flat Meyers, are to be mentioned in the same breath as Carson, Allen, Paar, Letterman, Leno and Conan. NBC is the black hole of broadcasting.

  7. Great article!

    Also, you can really tell when Drudge links to an article. Riding the “conservative” war steed in comment sections is often irrelevant.

  8. What about Cecily Strong? She’s pretty funny. Also, I’m not a Democrat, but if you want to avoid all entertainment produced by liberals, then you pretty much have to throw your television in the trash and never see a play, movie, or live comedy show for the rest of your life. In my opinion, you can enjoy movies like Die Hard, Indiana Jones, and thousands of others and still be a Republican since these films are created to entertain, not to promote a political agenda.

  9. all of the shows mentioned suck, especially SNL. I have to thank the man from Canada for showing me what a vapid wasteland television is and what talentless hacks his proteges are. The style of comedy has changed and the stupid SNL model has overtaken the world the same way CHUCKLES and the LAUGH-A-MANIA have overtaken the strip malls of America. Bland repetitive unoriginal sameness. But it sells beer.

  10. SNL has not been funny in years, almost decades, and why it hasn’t been cancelled is beyond me. And Lorne Michaels gets promoted? Now that’s hilarious.

    None of this is relevant.

  11. Way too much power for a man way too old…he’ll be 70. He’s dangerous now—Josef Goebbels kind of dangerous, especially since SNL went way way Political and launched Tina Fey’s career with her Palin rendition. Seth Meyer hosting last years PResidential Press satire just proves that whole bunch, under Michales direction are Obama and Liberal lovers all the time. SNL’s humor and ratings have gone so far south I dont know anyone who watches it anymore. Fallon is a horrible guest interviewer–tremendous entertainer and talent, but a horrid Host of other humans engaged in the lively art of conversation. Sorry, this guy will take NBC nowhere but closer to the White House. Count me way out.

  12. SNL kind of sucks so I’m not sure why losing its head writer is “a blow”. The talent is pretty lame compared to previous casts and the writing is just strange- long boring wind ups to get to a lame punch line. The show is a dud.

  13. This makes sense. SNL has sucked for the past decade – solution? Give Michaels even more responsibility. This is the kind of thing I would expect from a fifth place network, not the venerable NB….

    Oh wait…

    …never mind.

  14. Who watches NBC anymore I have not watched them for years why would anyone watch crap like that and have your intelligence insulted by thes communists

  15. He will be remembered0 as the man who killed NBC’s late night lineup. America is not watching late night shows and especially liberal biased garbage like his.

  16. What do I think? I think this only goes to show that NBC and its rainbow-themed “proud as a peacock” mantra, along with conservative-hating Michaels, are forging an unholy union who’s purpose is the absolute destruction of anything decent and moral remaining in America.

  17. All of his shows suck, especially SNL. I have to thank the man from Canada for continuing to show me what a vapid wasteland television is and what talentless hacks his proteges are. The style of comedy has changed and the stupid SNL model has overtaken the world, the same way comedy clubs like CHUCKLES and LAUGH-A-MANIA have overtaken the strip malls of America. Bland, repetitive, unoriginal, unfunny, sameness. But it sells beer.

  18. Ok the writer of this article is a dumbass. It’s called “Weekend Update” not “News cast.” Also it’s “Kenan Thompson” not “Keenan.” Wow, Roger Friedman, you suck. Also it’s “Taran Killam” not “Taran Killan.” Jesus.

  19. It’s a long way from when he had to go on his knees and beg Carson to give up the Saturday slot for SNL. Carson used to run re-runs in the 11:30pm Saturday slot and they had to give him a piece of SNL to give it up….

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