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This is just about as weird as it gets. I’ve just been sent a copy of an invite to top Scientology couple Anne Archer and Terry Jastrow’s Hollywood home. It seems as though on May 1 the Jastrows are hosting a salon at which Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy Jr and ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, will address the crowd. Kerry Kennedy is the featured speaker.

The other hosts are all Scientologists including composer Mark Isham and actress Kelly Preston (aka Mrs. Travolta). Archer and Jastrow have held this kind of salon before, and I’ve reported on it. The invitation says it’s for a group called Artists for Human Rights, which is a Scientology group. Kennedy is coming a spokesperson for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation, named for her late father.

The story was first reported by the indefatigable Tony Ortega on his website, www.tonyortega.org.

kerry kennedy invite1Kennedy is still awaiting word about her car crash last July 2012 in Westchester County. She claimed she’d mistakenly taken an Ambien and had fallen asleep at the wheel of her car. It hasn’t been determined yet whether will she stand trial. You would think Kennedy savvy would have steered her clear from Scientology. Archer’s son, Tommy Davis, was the chief celebrity wrangler at Scientology for years. But in the last couple of years, Davis and his wife–Katie Holmes’ former Scientology minder Jessica Feshbach–have disappeared from day to day operations.

Kennedy could easily had read Lawrence Wright’s new book, “Going Clear,” or the new book by Jenna Miscavige Hill– niece of the cult’s leader, David Miscavige– to understand the countless acts against human rights perpetuated by the organization. Why she’s going, and carry the RFK Foundation name with her, remains a mystery. As a devout Kennedy Catholic, she may have some questions for these Scientologists about Thetan, the afterlife, aliens, and where the others who’ve disappeared have gone.

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  1. Mr. Steve,

    You are the one with your head in the sand, dear. Why won’t your “religion” allow you to read a single news item that has even a scent of criticism? Did you know that real religions usually pass muster under critical scrutiny?

    Did you know that your “religion” abuses children, forces Sea Org women to get abortions, has a leader (Miscavige) that beats his staff, engages in slave labor and holding people prisoner against their will?

    Did you know that the money you spend in Scientology (and I bet you’ve seen a lot of regging) goes toward private investigators and expensive legal teams directed to harass (you know….attack, never defend)?

    There’s a lot you don’t know. Get yourself a clue. It could save your life.

  2. Apparently someone on Kerry’s staff finally opened a book or newspaper, because the appearance has been “postponed” until a future date. Meaning either until they think no one’s looking (fat chance given the speed with which Tony Ortega gets their announcements) or until Kerry finds a politic/polite way to tell them to bugger off.

  3. Steve, I’m afraid you lost me at “angry.” Did something happent to you at your last visit to the Mars Implant station? You used to be a much more stable Thetan when we last knew each other. But then again, that was 60 trillion years ago. Maybe it’s the aftereffects of a botched Helatrobus Implant or some pieces of R-6 that got stuck to your Whole Track™. Time to get back on the cans buddy, it’s only money . . .

  4. Steve,

    Just because the world is waking up to the human rights abuses committed by the “church” of scientology doesn’t mean we are “uninformed.” Angry yes, but well-informed would be more accurate.

    The details of scientology are all public knowledge, even the laughable “secrets” about Xenu and body thetans. And the internet is plastered with audios and videos of your “church” founder sounding like a lunatic talking about space aliens. They are quite funny! But stop abusing people, and nobody would pay you any attention at all.

  5. Anne Archer has postponed the event due to Kerry Kennedy’s not being able to attend on the scheduled date. It is audacious of scientology to front a human rights group while their brainwashed executives are detained at an office-prison in Hemet. Google Debbie Cook and her courtroom sworn testimony for more.

  6. Update: according to an article posted this morning on Tony Ortega’s site (link in original story), Kerry Kennedy has “postponed” at the last minute because of an “unforeseen circumstance” though the cult claims she has offered to reschedule for the fall. I doubt that this will come to pass.

    In view of this development, the semi-literate comment earlier today from “Steve” suggests that the cult is aware of and embarrassed that once again their slimy activities have been brought to light. “Steve”‘s comment is a classic example of the distract-and-deflect style of argumentation that the cult specializes in, writ less competently than the training manual specifies.

  7. YAY to Larry! What is wrong with you people? And yes, shame on Kerry Kennedy, she really should know better. Scientology is a cult. It wants only your money. In order to do that, it must get into your head to such an extent that you believe everything that it says is fact. ASK SOME QUESTIONS!!! Google.

  8. Wow, what an angry bunch of misinformed people! You really don’t know anything about Scientology, or at least you only see what is expressed by some real hate mongers. With all of the evil that is being done on a daily basis by large corporations and their lap dogs…..the governments you elected. Just let it go…..if only crazy people join Scientology, what are you worried about? I am sure you feel secure in the hands of the government approved mental health experts. They certainly never do anything wrong! I doubt hardly anyone is hurt by perscription drugs. I doubt anyone is ever misdiognosed wiht mental illness.
    Life is a carnival, and the clowns are running the circus. You Sheeple make the best audience; enjoy yourself!

  9. Ms. Kennedy, SHAME ON YOU. She obviously knows that something is wrong with this because she erased all Scientology-related posts on her FaceBook page regarding this story.

    I suppose she’s just like all other Kennedys with questionable moral compasses. And she heads up a human rights organization. This makes her organization a proxy front for Scientology.

  10. Kerry Kennedy should have done a little research before agreeing to this speech. Scientology has many front groups which are all know and can easily be discovered with a little bit of work. Come on Kerry. Cancel that gig!

  11. This is how Scientology inflitrates society. They use ‘celebrities’ , many of whom have no idea that they are supporting Scientology while endorsing one iof it’s front groups. Who knows why and how In this case? I don’t but Mrs Kennedy-Cuomo has done a very stupid thing.

  12. I think she she has a lot of explaining to do. If she doesn’t bow out of this quickly, she’ll have no one to blame but herself for the fallout of linking up with a known Scientology front group and linking her father’s foundation to it as well.

    Kerry should realize that linking to Scientology is far worse for her reputation than driving and crashing her car in an Ambien haze.

    Wake up, Kerry.

  13. Kerry needs to be warned of the cult who has numerous Human Rights violations and it continues. Their Human Rights thingy is only a front group. Really..

  14. It is no mystery why Kerry is going. Scientology thru its various front groups have made enormous financial contributions to the RFK memorial foundation. Its that simple. Its the same reason certain politicians, to this day, stand up and tout the wonderfulness of Scientology (ignoring Scientologys convictions for fraud, abuse, gov. infiltration, etc. etc around the world). They get paid to do so. Money (in fistfuls) does strange things to otherwise decent human beings.Kerry is either blissfully unaware or consciously avoiding the fact that Scientology committed and was convicted of the largest US government infiltration in history. 9 of their top leaders were sentenced to prison, including L. Ron Hubbards wife.They get paid to do so. Money (in fistfuls) does strange things to otherwise decent human beings.


    PS: Note to scientologys lawyers, the above is my opinion only, which I have a right to express (not including the largest infiltration in history thing, google it, its a fact.)

    Note to scientologys thugs, I do not have any pets, so don’t bother coming to look for them to kill them to teach me a lesson.

    Note to scientology adherents, google ‘Tony Ortega and the Underground Bunker’. It may just save whats left of your life (and may save you whats left of your money).

  15. Roger, I hope you will RSVP and attend this bizarre event and report back.

    If they bar you from the event that too is a story.

    Kerry Kennedy’s mantra is “Speak the Truth to Power.”

    Unless she is going to speak the Truth to the Power of David Miscavige by calling on Ann Archer, Tom Cruise, Mark Isham, Kelly Preston, John Travolta, Greta Van Susteren, and other Scientology celebrities to denounce Scientology coerced abortions, destruction of families, Narconon deaths, and the murders of her fellow Catholics Kyle Brennan and Tom Ciancio by Scientologists, I really think she ought to cancel her appearance.

    It is a scandal and can do nothing but damage her reputation and that of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Jusice and Human Rights, which she founded, as well as Amnesty International where she is Chair of the Amnesty International USA Leadership Council.

    Kerry Kennedy’s appearance at an event put on by Scientologist Ann Archer when the Church of Scientology’s own human rights abuses have been increasingly exposed by mainstream media in the US and Europe is a desacration of the memory of her parents Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

    Robert Kennedy would never have appeared at a Scientology event, and as Attorney General would not have hesitated to investigate David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology as the organized crime operation that it is.

  16. Perhaps she’s thinking of becoming a Scientologist? After all, Tom Cruise used to be Catholic, so it happens.

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