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Exclusive: now I will tell you how that story about Paris Jackson spending time with Debbie Rowe, her biological mother, came to be in the press. But first: I can tell you it’s true, and not only that: Paris has asked if she could spend time at Rowe’s horse ranch, according to my sources. I was actually told that Paris asked Debbie if she could live there. Rowe has spent time with Paris recently, and went to her 15th birthday party this week in Calabasas.

How did TMZ get the story they ran? Because I called a mutual acquaintance to confirm the story. And the person I called immediately called in to TMZ with my story. I hope there was some goo remuneration from TMZ. But lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

TMZ is of course wrong about many things. In 2005, Debbie Rowe’s parental rights to her children, Prince and Paris, were reaffirmed. She went to court and a judge ruled that a parent never gives up parental rights. There had been a question about that since 2001. But at that point Michael Jackson was on trial, bills were not being paid, he was behind in owed amounts to Rowe.

From the time Michael Jackson died in June 2009, Rowe was clear that she would step in with both Prince and Paris if she were needed. She and Katherine Jackson had many cordial conversations about her role in the kids’ lives. Remember: Rowe is their only biological parent. And always was.

It makes sense that Paris would reach out to her mother. Her grandmother is 82 years old. Her aunts– Michael’s sisters–want nothing to do with her. Except for LaToya, who wants to guide her career for commissions.

And Paris is a lot like Debbie Rowe: she’s forthright, she tells it like it is, she’s funny. While she may have been raised very well by Michael Jackson, Paris must certainly be curious about her beginnings and identity. Debbie Rowe could be a great influence on her daughter’s life.

So that’s the story so far. I learned a lesson, and that’s always important. And two of Michael Jackson’s kids may have a chance to be close to an existing, living parent.

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  1. I think MJ was a pedophile that never should have been allowed to be around any child. The pictures of him and Prince Paris and Blanket are so telling that he was no good. Who would put those names on a child? Answer a pedophile named Michael Jackson. Holding babies over rails masks on children??? I feel so sorry for these kids what a life it has been so far. I am also so sad for Prince and Paris, to know that your own mom gave birth to you only to hand you over to a pedophile. I hope these kids someday are free and assume names that fit them and completely disassociate themselves from pedophile Michael Jackson.

  2. This is absolute garbage! You got second hand or probably even less reliable than second hand information from “a source”. Which source was that? If your source was that close to the Jackson Family they would not be spilling secrets to some tabloid. TMZ isn’t the most reliable source of information either and just because Paris has expressed that she wants to spend some more time with her mother it doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to live with Debbie permanently.

    This article is hardly quality entertainment journalism. Try again.

  3. “Remember: Rowe is their only biological parent. And always was.” Really?!?! Since when has it been confirmed that MJ is or was not the bio father of Prince and Paris? Until you can unequivocally say so WITH some proof to back up that claim, this entire story just lost any credence.

  4. Oh shut da FU Roger. You have made a living demonizing MJ and his family, so boo hoo on you if TMZ stole your jacked up scoop. You need to be more concerned about having a relationship with your own family and stop trying to make a living off a dead pop star’s children.

    And I can tell you this. Paris being the biological daughter of Debbie Rowe is NOT the reason you report on her and her brothers. We all know this.

  5. I’m so glad Paris is looking beyond the Jackson family for direction. Debbie Rowe has always seemed down to earth, something Paris won’t get from the rest of her family.

  6. “Paris is probably just reaching out to her biological mother because she misses her father.”

    Uh, no…..perhaps Paris is thinking she wants a mother in her life. Ever thought of that reason?

  7. Well,I think Paris could spend time with her,if her Grandmother oks it.But I don’t think they should live with her.But when she turns 18,im sure she can do what ever she wants.But the memory of her Dad will never leave her.He was a great father to those children.They loved him very deeply and so did MJ.

  8. i totaly agree with MARIE JACKSON……This is nothing but a TABLOID LIE…….I very much dought that Paris would reach out to her mother…..In the other hand…..Why not…..where’s the problem….If she does …It’s her mother……..PLEASE LEAVE the kid’s ALONE….Don’t do to thoese kid’s the same thing tabloid’s did to there father..

  9. 100% Tabloid Lie! And here are the reasons why:

    * Michael Jackson does not owe anything to Debbie Rowe. Debbie Rowe got her divorce settlement in 1998. Why the heck are you saying Michael couldn’t pay her bills in 2005? Why would MJ owe her bills? MJ got the custody of his kids and Debbie Rowe got one time settlement period. Your story is a Lie, Lie, Lie! Oh, a no brainer Lie!

    * Michael Jackson is a funny man – intelligent with a good sense of humor. You tabloids portray him as a monster and nuts but he is extremely intelligent. He would not last 40 years in business and owning the songs of 80% of successful music artists in Hollywood if he is not intelligent. You’re saying Paris is as funny as Debbie. Excuse me! There is no coverage about Debbie except photos with the same facial expression all the time. Michael on the other hand have so many videos in youtube showing how special he is with so many special qualities proving how fraud tabloids are in portraying him.

    *You have to be a no brainer to give your story for free to TMZ when you have an access to a blog to lie. My first two reasons already proves that you’re a liar. So I don’t believe you’re TMZ’s source. LIE!

    *When MJ died in 2009, Rowe could NOT step in as a parent because she signed off her parental right to MJ when they got divorced. MJ kids’ guardian in his will are his mother and Diana Ross. Basic legal terminology and contract. Learn it. So your story is a fabricated Lie.

    * Paris is probably just reaching out to her biological mother because she misses her father. Paris and Michael were very closed when MJ was alive. MJ was a good parent to his kids. Paris probably is trying to recapture that special bonding she had with Michael, unfortunately Debbie is NOT Michael. Michael was a gentle, loving. caring man. And I don’t think Debbie Rowe has that qualities.

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