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Among music show singing contests, “American Idol” is now the underdog. Last night “Idol” scored a new Wednesday low with a 3.0 in the key demos and and a paltry 11.48 million viewers total. That’s down 6 percent from last Wednesday’s 6.2 It doesn’t bode well for tonight either, as every Thursday shows a marked drop from the preceding night.

Last Wednesday they had 12.33 million viewers– where did a million people go?

What is going on? I watched “Idol” last night and it is frightfully boring. The contestants are talented but dull. The judges are straining for new things to say them besides “you’re great.” In fact last night Nicki Minaj did say something to Candice Glover like “What am I going to say to for six more weeks?” Ouch.

Meanwhile on NBC, “The Voice” shows lots of life. It’s fun. They hit a nice 4.0 on Monday night, and they’re averaging around 13 million viewers. Considering that there’s nothing else happening on NBC, that’s pretty good.

By the way during that 9 to 10pm hour, “Idol” really got slaughtered by “Modern Family” and “Criminal Minds.” They really need a surprise, or a change up. They need someone besides Jimmy Iovine to come in and shake up the table. Or throw a curve ball and bring back a popular player who was axed. Ah, for the days of Simon and Paula.

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