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There’s news today– courtesy of my pal Baz Bamigboye in the UK Daily Mail– that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are definitely headed to Broadway this fall. IN fact Baz says they’ve found their “third” for Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal”– Rafe Spall, the hot young actor who is also the son of favorite Brit star Timothy Spall. Mike Nichols will direct the trio, and Daniel will watch his real life wife playing his fictional wife, having an affair with Spall. It has all the makings of a Liz Taylor-Richard Burton scenario.

But the Weisz-Craigs do want to spend all their time together. Daniel had agreed to be part of a big all star ensemble in George Clooney’s “Monuments Men.” He dropped out suddenly in February and was replaced by Matt Damon. Some thought this was because Daniel didn’t want to be part of a crowd. “MM” is like an “Ocean’s Eleven” caper, except with a real history. Craig, they said, wanted to be the star.

Now I’m hearing that his exit was just because he didn’t want to work. After all, DC made a fortune on “Skyfall,” and has more to come with the next two James Bond movies. Friends in the UK say Weisz has turned down a lot of offers for work simply to be with 007 at their own Skyfall in upstate New York.

So now neither Craig nor Weisz has a project scheduled until October and Broadway. By that time they should be sick of each other (just kidding) and ready for some good volleys on stage!

PS This hot couple met making what turned out to be a terrible movie, “Dream House.” It was a nightmare. Just FYI.

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  1. Damon didnt replace craig they were playing two diffent characters. Damon has been attached to the movie since arly December so he didn’t just step in when Craig dropped out in February. Plus while doing interviews for promised land Damon mentions Craig as one of the cast members. Is it that ad to do a little research before writing a story?

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