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Poor “American Idol.” What the heck? Last night’s installment hit a ratings low for Wednesdays– 3.1 in the key demo. “Idol” won the night in millions of viewers, but in its second hour the key 18-49 audience switched over to “Modern Family.” That 3.1 was a drop from last Wednesday’s 3.5, and 3.8 the week before. On top of that, “The Voice” returned to NBC on Monday and Tuesday, scoring a 4.9 and a 4.1, respectively.

Young people–the ones who buy and download music–are watching “The Voice.” Indeed, on Tuesday “The Voice” had better key demos than the two “NCIS” shows that it ran against. (The NCIS audience is 50 and up.)

Tonight “Idol” celebrates its 450th episode with lots of stars performing including Keith Urban. So I will watch it, and expect many millions will too. But they do need a Mariah Carey performance desperately. And soon.

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  1. We think Idol is the Bomb every show goes through ups and downs in viewership ratings Idol has proven itself by being the Rock in new talent live performance and dedication to new talent.

    NewsJet Magazine

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