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“The Voice” came back on Monday night. The singer-contestant show scored a 4.8 and over 13 million total viewers. Even though it was second for the night in viewers to “Dancing with the Stars,” the key demo was twice that of the dance show. So younger people overall were watching “The Voice” because the judges — Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Blake Shelton, Usher, and Shakira– are young, shiny and sexy. And “The Voice” also featured a knockout performance from a former “American Idol” contestant– John Peter Lewis.  You wonder if “The Voice” isn’t calling old “Idol” players to see if they’ll come strut their stuff on the newer show.

More importantly, “The Voice” is already out-rating “Idol.” That 4.8 is what “Idol” would love to have instead of last Thursday’s 2.9 and 11.93 viewers. Ouch! But “The Voice” looks fresher, the judges seemed more engaged. When Shakira was surprised that Lewis and his singing partner spoke Spanish, “The Voice” came alive. It was very engaging.

“American Idol” returns tonight– Wednesday–looking for a revival.
Josiah Hawley:


former Idol contestant John Peter Lewis:

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  1. The talent just keeps getting worse and worse on Idol – and you MUST blame the judges. The Voice has so much more class compared to the cheesy, gutter slang of Idol. Sorry – I LOVED Idol, never missed an episode all these years and couldn’t wait for it to come back, but The Voice is just so far superior in every way now.

  2. Lots of talented young contestants on both shows, but…

    The chemistry of the judges on the Voice is undeniable.
    The LACK of chemistry of the judges on Idol is undeniable.

    Want one reason that Idol is tanking…
    starts with an “N” and rhymes with “icky minaj”

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