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Justin Bieber– yes it just gets better and better. He flew from Lodz, Poland on Monday night– we know that because he went through security very quietly, with no shirt and his pants pulled almost all the way down. Then this paragon of sophistication–obviously having no problems with his masculinity–flew all the way home to the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas. It didn’t matter that he must be back in Munich, Germany tomorrow morning– Thursday– for a show. So he flew fifteen hours, and apparently demanded that a Ferrari be brought to his house.

Then he drove the Ferrari up and down the street, loudly, provoking a neighbor to call the police. Is this the story? This poor kid is such an idiot, and spoiled brat. That’s quite a carbon footprint he left in 24 hours. Well, my insiders say he may be worth $100 million–that sounds like a lot — all from this endless touring, not from CD sales. But wait til he sees the accounting for these expenses. That $100 million can vanish pretty quickly.

And these Ferraris and Fiskers and Teslas, are all given by the car companies to get publicity. It’s easier than advertising and gets immediate worldwide attention.

Today he will fly back the 15 or so hours to Munich, with a nine hour time difference, wearing just earphones and a diaper.

You’re over 21 and you don’t know one Justin Bieber song, can’t hum one of his songs, and don’t know what I am talking about.

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  1. I think justin bieber needs peace with his own self and needs god to heal his wounds and needs to find closure with his own self from my point of view i think people just needs to back off a little and let the boy breath stop with the bad rumors already i am a huge fan if justin and i love all of his songs please people leave him alone and stop saying hes gay cause hes not

  2. I think he is having a nervous breakdown or some other kind of personal crisis. He’s been the subject of homophobia and ridicule throughout his teen years due to his androgynous appearance and is acting out in response imo. His haters have been all about his sexuality so hopefully he is straight. Otherwise, he’s in an awkward position given his fans relentless defence of his sexuality over the years. I think this could be part of his meltdown as well as transitioning from a teen star to an adult and possible drug problems.

    I hope he works things out and finds some peace with himself.

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