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There’s always a lot of secrecy leading up to the new season of “Mad Men.” So I’m happy to say that at least we now know the title of the first three (or four ) episodes of Season Six. The first two hour episode is called “The Doorway.” Then Episode 2 (or 3, since “The Doorway” counts as two) is “The Collaborators,” and it’s directed by series star Jon Hamm. Episode 4 is “To Have and to Hold.” A Los Angeles screening audience saw “The Doorway” last week. I’m not sure if anyone in New York will see anything but screeners went out to reviewers. Everyone’s been asked to keep a tight lid on the storyline. We do know that “The Doorway” was partially shot in Hawaii, that Don Draper is best man at a soldier’s beach wedding, and that since we saw them all Megan Draper is now acting in something full time. (Broadway, soap opera, something.) I am told that we’ll see a lot of Betty Draper Francis (January Jones), much more than in last season when Jones was pregnant or giving birth. Sundays get a lot better beginning April 7th.

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