Home Celebrity Justin Bieber’s Manager Decries “Liars and Clowns” in Twitter Rant

Sounds like there’s trouble in Teen Town. Are we surprised? Justin Bieber‘s globe trotting manager, Scooter Braun, had a little meltdown on Twitter last night. Around 2:45am Eastern he Tweeted: “u should never give attention to liars and clowns. The truth will always come out in the end…and their lies will be their own karma.” Braun followed that a few minutes later with this: “plus…the clowns always wanna be boys and shake your hand in public. funny how they bitch up so quick. sorry…just had to say it.”

Braun’s posts are usually full of aphorisms and chatter about his travels criss-crossing the world but rarely with Bieber. A concert promoter who knows him told me recently: “He’s busy building his brand, Scooter Braun, more than he is managing Justin Bieber.” Indeed though Bieber has been having all kinds of problems on his tour abroad, Braun has not seemed very concerned. He refers to the 19 year teen idol as “The Kid” in his Tweets and leaves his daily maintenance to associates.

Who are the liars and clowns? What’s going on in Bieberland? Time will tell.





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