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Rod Stewart has written and produced a whole new album of rock songs. “Time”comes out on May 7th. The preview of songs is below. You know. Rod joins David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix in what’s turning out to be a revival year of the great rock leaders. Elton John is almost finished with his album. Sting is working on something, so is Paul McCartney. The Stones are touring. Did we ever think 70 year-olds– and dead vets– would come save us from the unrelenting crap on the radio? Thanks to all of them. Plus Boz Scaggs has a new album out, so does Eric Burdon. I can’t stop listening to Van Morrison’s “Born to Sing No Plan B” collection. Not that there isn’t great new music from Miguel, Emeli Sande, Frank Ocean, etc. But it warms the heart to real music again from our old pals. Rod’s first single, “She Makes Me Happy” is on iTunes today and it’s great. PS The album has a bonus track cover of Libby Titus’s classic “Love Has No Pride” and a song called “Sexual Religion.” “Time” sounds like a HIT.

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