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So: Justin Timberlake has 1o more songs, a “20/20 Experience, Pt. 2,” ready for fall release. On a web forum, Questlove of the Roots made the announcement today in response to criticism that’s come up about Timberlake’s “faux soul.” Indeed, this whole marketing scheme of Timberlake’s for “The 20/20 Experience” is a mixed cultural reference. He either sees himself as a Rat Packer– Dean Martin?– singing 70s soul with a 16 piece band. Or, I don’t know what. Because no soul singer, not even Marvin Gaye, or Jackie Wilson, performed like this. Maybe Nat King Cole, who was dead before the 70s soul revival.

The hit single from “20/20” is “Suit and Tie.” It’s largely sampled and reworked from a 70s track by a group called Sly, Slick and Wicked. The record was called “Sho Nuff.” Here’s a weird story. There were two Sly, Slick and Wicked groups. One was from Los Angeles, the other from Cleveland. The LA group was first. The Cleveland group came after them, and had the hits like “Sho Nuff.” The Cleveland group actually sued the LA group over the name and lost. Still, they have to be paid for the “Sho Nuff” sample, which now called an “interpolation”– haha–Timberlake and co. just rewrote the song. Nevertheless, good job.

This whole excavation and archeology project of ripping off obscure songs started more than 25 years ago. At first it was called sampling. Now, as the songs have become whole “tributes” to a sound, it’s “interpolation.” Alicia Keys has been in the forefront of this, which always surprised me since she was capable of writing new songs. This past year Bruno Mars made a whole “tribute” to Sting and the Police from his “Locked Out of Heaven.” Some people may actually call these things “rip off.” Even John Legend did it, renaming the 60s hit “Spooky” by Dennis Yost and the Classics IV as his “Save Time.”

“The 20/20 Experience” is clearly a tribute to Philly Soul, Gamble and Huff. And it has tons more “interpolations” and samples than just “Suit and Tie.” We can only guess how many more will be lodged in Part Deux.


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  1. “JT has more talent for singing and dancing in one finger than Jacko had in his whole glove.”

    “Plus he’s a great actor and not a pedophile.”
    He’s a great comedian. Not a great actor. Talented. But no Daniel Day Lewis. I suggest you read up on the MJ case.

    “JT is the standard by which all talent will be measured.”
    You do realize that every element he uses on this album has been done before by soul artists? I love Timberlake’s music; it isn’t original. He’s obviously very inspired, which I can appreciate. It isn’t “faux soul” – he can sing and perform whatever he loves. But it isn’t original and I’m more than sure that he would even admit that. If you ever want to check out “standards” try Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, The Temps, Al Green, Bill Withers, Anthony Hamilton, Kem, D’Angelo, etc. Everything JT does has been standardized already.

  2. I don’t agree with Connie about JT talented more than MJ, but I will write this about JT: He’s showing other artists how to market and promote an Album in today’s world of downloads. It seems to have stumped the record companies, but JT is paving the way for them to see. It was brilliant of him to hold residence for a week on Fallon’s show — ala Prince did with George Lopez, but Prince wasn’t promoting an album, he was promoting a tour. Plus JT owns Myspace, his own private download site.

  3. Connie, seriouly, what truck ran over your head? Michael not timberland has the talent, no if’s ands or but’s about it. Timberland is nothing more than a wannabe, wannabe Michael Jackson, wannabe an average. Lack ma, wannabe musician wannabe actor, you name it, he’s just a plain old wannabe. What he should be is gone, gone from my tv that I don,t have to see/hear his name again! Timberland should just disappear! Thank God my local RnB stations aren’t even trying to play him!

  4. JT has more talent for singing and dancing in one finger than Jacko had in his whole glove. Plus he’s a great actor and not a pedophile. JT is the standard by which all talent will be measured.

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