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Either the folks at Page Six are talking to the wrong people, or they just don’t get it. Just so we’re all on the same page. As I told you last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will exit The View when the season ends for summer. Hasselbeck will make her announcement later this spring. Brooke Shields is set to take over one of the two open spots. Joy Behar is leaving, but it wasn’t because she was found “too polarizing.”

Behar told Barbara Walters and ABC “quite a while ago” that she wanted to go. As the lovable– and I think still to have another big talk success–Behar told friends recently: she had a great run, got her family settled, bought three houses, and got married. She wants to do other things. As for Hasselbeck, she’s out of step even with conservatives, she’s not bright (it’s not like they have Mary Matalin representing the right).

The View will need a journalist and someone a little more in the center to balance out the group, someone in her 30s. George Stephanopolous’s talented wife, Alexandra Wentworth, I am told does not want the job although she likes occassionally filling when someone is out. Hey–by next fall Nicki Minaj might be free!

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  1. I always said that Nicki should have her own talk show. She keeps pursuing the rap thing, but she’s almost comedic. If she could tone down her looks (those boobs!) and her mouth, she could have a talk show. She could be the younger “Wendy Williams”.

  2. Hasselback was the only “bright star” on that show. Everyone ganged up on her…. but, she held her own. Four/Five Liberals against one Conservative, what do you want from her? Let’s have one Liberal and Four/Five Conservatives. Your ratings would go through the roof!

  3. So get rid of the conservative and then to balance out the 3 and possibly a fourth liberal they should pick “someone a little more to the center.” Do you even know wha the word balance means? Have you ever sat on a teeter tooter on a child’s play ground? Put 4 people on one side and then put another in the middle. Does it balance?
    It’s simple physics but I guess not simple enough for you.

  4. Funny you should bring up Minaj. I can easily imagine her on that show. Minaj would get into onstage wig pulling, dress ripping, face slapping, “In Yo Face yelling matches with the two black hosts. Minaj is one of the few folks on earth who could make Whoppie look demure and ladylike by comparison.
    It’s obvious Minaj wants to provoke her firing. Either way she thinks she will win, if the let her go, its discrimination, if they don’t let her go, it’s discrimination, that can be D r a g g e d O u t for years!

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