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Well, well. The music charts haven’t been so good in ages. Bon Jovi, Bowie, Pink, Jimi Hendrix. There’s too much to listen to! Plus, if so inclined, Justin Timberlake is streaming on iTunes. (“20/20” isn’t officially released until Tuesday.) For this week, which ends on Sunday, the race to number 1 is close, close, close.  David Bowie’s excellent  “The Next Day” looked like it would be at the top– quite an accomplishment considering it’s Bowie’s first album in 10 years. But Bon Jovi’s “What About Now”– terminally catchy, fun rock and roll– now seems to be edging Bowie out.

There are two mitigating factors here– well, maybe three. Bon Jovi is on tour. They appeared on “Katie” on Friday, and “American Idol” on Thursday. Plus amazon.com is just about giving away the download of the album for five bucks. The Bowie album is $9.99. Unfair advantage? Well, it’s a dog eat dog world out there right now.

But how rewarding to have so much good music after a long, long drought. The Jimi Hendrix album, “People, Hell and Angels” has barely left my CD player or devices. Eric Clapton has “Old Sock.” I am addicted to the Pink song, “Try” from her current hit album. And if you’re not listening to Aaron Neville’s “My True Story” produced by Keith Richards, you’re missing the first best new release of 2013. Bravo!

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  1. Well. Bon Jovi beat Bowie by sales of psysical copies, not digital downloads… so no advantage after all. Great charts – music may survive …

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