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“Jobs” or “jOBS” or however you want to spell it, will not be coming to a theater on April 19th. The movie about Steve Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, has been yanked from its April 19th opening date. Open Road Films says it needs more time to market the film. But “Jobs” received lukewarm reviews from its opening at Sundance. And now Apple is having stock problems. They’re also being pelted by Samsung and other companies. Suddenly, Apple — hard to believe — is getting baked. Open Road says it chose April 19th because it’s the Apple anniversary date. But if they wait until May, they’ll be butting up against summer releases. Until August, the schedule is not that conducive to releasing a middling movie with a so so TV actor. We may not see “jOBS” for a while. Maybe they should time it to the release of the iPhone 6. Or 7.

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  1. RE: “movie with a so so TV actor”
    It seems apropos, since Steve Jobs was basically a bad actor. He pretended to be a genius, when he really wasn’t. He took credit for others’ work. He “performed” on the stage when introducing products he never designed. Yes, a “so so” actor but he fooled a lot of people.

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