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Okay come on. Really? I always thought Mariah Carey, who has never operated a clock properly, would some how miss a live edition of “American Idol.” But last night, Nicki Minaj was so late that she missed the first part of the show. She was stuck in traffic in the notorious 405 freeway. But what? The show airs at 5pm in Los Angeles. Why wasn’t she there and accounted for by 3pm? Hello? With “Idol” ratings in a decline, you’d think at least attendance was mandatory for the judges. Too crazy, no? Ryan Seacrest started the show in Minaj’s judge’s chair. Twenty minutes into the show, Minaj showed up, didn’t say a word about where she’d been. She sported huge black sunglasses and a black hoodie. Unprofessional? At the rate that she’s being paid: to say the least.

Classy Nicki did Tweet in about her ride down from the beach. I altered the first word, which was spelled out:


PS Was this a PR Stunt? You never, never know when it comes to “Idol.” But it did get everyone’s attention.
Two hours earlier, let’s say at about 7:20pm DST– 40 minutes before the show was set to start, Minaj Tweeted:

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  1. This girl( not a lady) is awful. Why is she paraded around? She is not smart, is a bad judge, is insulting to the young entertainers. Why allow her on at all? She is evil….get her off tv….

  2. As a 58 year old rap hating white guy.. I wanted to dis-like Nikki from the get-go. But, she and Keith are the best things left for Idol. I actually found Nicki to be Intelligent, witty, wise beyond her years.. and attractive. A deadly combination for any male! lol. Go Nicki!

  3. Nikki Minaj has been a total train wreck since she joing A.I. What a disaster she is! This woman first of all is almost illiterate…secondly she is obnoxious and downright rude…Also why is this fascination with female contestant’s legs and clothing? Her judging skills are non existent…and she has been so detrimental to the show…I for one have switched channels when she speaks! The woman looks like a clown..and she is not a good fit for A.I. judging…What was A.I. thinking? That is why their viewership has decreased…I watched faithfully for the 11 years but now? No…when she opens up her foul mouth and jive talks…I switch channels…then I get disgusted and watch Hannity…I am totally disgusted with this panel…they look like robots…they are definitely uncomfortable with her on the panel, and Mariah in particular just cannot stand her…it doesn’t make for good TV…it is a distraction and when does a rap singer have the smarts to judge a singing competition? The woman is out of her league and until they get rid of her, I will not watch A.I. Sorry about that…

  4. With Nicki it’s too much put on and zero quality in her critique. With Mariah, you get the feeling she is about to fall asleep by the time they get to her, but I do enjoy looking at her boobs. Randy has gotten much better this year on his critique quality, but Keith is by far the best and a great addition.

  5. I stopped watching Idol because of Nicki Minaj. Her attitude and demeanor and some of her past comments are a complete turn-off. There are plenty of other shows to watch.

  6. this will be the last season for AI as long as this mistake is allowed to fill a seat. She has no talnet no awards and if rhyming 4 letter words is the criteria to be a star, I will find another show!

  7. I tuned in to watch the first episode this season’s AI and the first image I saw was someone dressed and made up like a clown criticizing a singer. I turned it off and haven’t watched it since.

  8. It was the best thing that’s happened to the show yet this years because when she finally arrived, she must smoked a big fat one cause she wanted to compare a singer to Aunt Jemima Pancakes and A. J. syrup. What a trip. I wish she’d missed the entire show. I don’t know if the wife and I will be able to stomach her much more. And the way she applauded a marvelous performance. Un Fn real!

  9. my god, what a moron, no wonder the rating are in the tank this year…..this poor woman is as dumb as a bag of rocks (my apologies to the rocks……….)

  10. I think that the clown, Minaj, needs to be replaced for next year. Not only does she use a false southern accent, she makes many stupid remarks to the contestants.Of the four judges I believe that she is the only one who really can’t judge music. She may be a good entertainer but she is not music wise.

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