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Susan Lucci is still MIA. But “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” have set their online premiere date: April 29th. “AMC” has been off the air since September 2011, and “OLTL” since January 2012. The latter show, and the better one, frankly, has re-assembled most of its cast. “AMC,” which was gutted by ABC in its last couple of years, has some original cast members. But they don’t have their internationally famous star, Susan Lucci. Apparently Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank’s Online Network has not been able to come up with the money or the schedule for Lucci. They did manage to get David Canary to return, however. He’d retired when ABC moved the show to Los Angeles. Now they will film in Stamford, Connecticut, a short drive from his home.

For “OLTL,” the Online Network is listing Roger Howarth as Todd Manning as contract player. Kwatinetz had a beef with ABC over the character, which the network sent to “General Hospital” for the last year. It looks like Kwatinetz prevailed, at least for now. With Frank on board at Online– he was at Disney for years–you’d think these people would come up with a deal for weekend showings on ABC’s SoapNet. But the main thing is that the actors, writers, directors, and crews are back to work. Amnesia, forgotten paternity and maternity, and multiple personalities are coming back!

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