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Justin Bieber’s meltdown continues. He was supposed to play two shows in Lisbon this week– Monday and Tuesday. Now the Tuesday show has been cancelled by the promoter. The given reason is poor ticket sales. This comes on top of the the worst week ever in Bieberland–the worst birthday, the two hour late show start, the fight and cursing at the paparazzi, and of course, the Michael Jackson-esque visit to the hospital.

After all that, you’d think Bieber’s manager would hunker down and stay with his golden goose for a while. But Scooter Braun visited Bieber briefly. He is already back in the US, in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest. Today he Tweeted about a meeting with Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary. Madonna has never been untended by her minions. Maybe Oseary told Braun just that.

Anyway, Bieber will face the fans in Lisbon just once, on Monday, with Braun’s  B list acts Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe”) and Cody Simpson opening the show. Some crazed Bieber fans are ruminating on the web that the second Lisbon show was never scheduled. But of course, many ticket sellers had it listed.

Something tells me it’s going to be a long week.

And like anyone needs this mental health expert. Liam Gallagher of Oasis supports the Biebs. Uh huh.


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