Home Uncategorized Justin Bieber “Paps” Smear: Curses, Lunges at London Photographers (See Video)

It’s been “radio silence” in Justin Bieber’s Twitter happy world since this afternoon. That’s when he lunged and cursed at photographers outside his London hotel. The Biebs made it from the hotel entrance to his car and got inside, refusing to stop for a photo or two. The paps–paparazzi–cursed him for not giving them a little income for the day. Young Justin, tattoos ablaze, slid open the door of the SUV and popped out like a Jack-in-the-Box, and yelled, “What did you say? “F you” and “I’ll beat the f— out of you,” etc. His handler stuffed him back inside before JB was turned to meat pie by his audience. Since then, around 6pm London time, there’s been not a sound from the usually voluble Bieber or manager Scooter Braun. By now, Just would have taken off his shirt, flexed some muscle, and wept to a picture of Selena Gomez. Who knows? Maybe he’s actually sleeping.

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