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Justin Bieber is blaming the “paps” for making him lose his way this week. Using Twitter as his means of communication, Bieber told fans today that the paparazzi have made him start a show two hours late one night, then have a melt down, a doctor’s visit, and a major interruption before finishing the next show.

Who knows? Maybe there’s some substance to that. But Bieber is starting to act like Michael Jackson at his worst.

Jackson was famous in his career for pulling stunts. He knew how to get attention and publicity better than anyone. From wearing pajamas to court, to calling in sick instead of doing a show (HBO, Beacon Theater). Let’s not forget Michael pulling up at a local politician’s office to ask why there weren’t more fast food franchises in the sleep Santa Ynez Valley. When Michael was feeling blue, lonely, or out of the spotlight, he was an expert at this.

And so Justin Bieber, not as talented and many years younger, is now exhibiting signs of the same malady. First it was the constant car problems– speeding, minor accidents, tinted windows. Now it’s in concert–showing up 2 hours late, to boos a few nights ago. And last night, stopping the show, feigning illness, causing a delay and making a big point of returning to the stage. In between, posting pictures of himself shirtless (this seems like a really big deal to him, this shirtless thing) on Instagram.

What will it be tonight? Well, that’s the whole point. Bieber, who turned 19 this week and pouted about his “worst birthday,” is on a roll now. It was inevitable. He’s become addicted to attention very quickly.


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