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Big day on Barbara Walters’s “The View”: I can tell you exclusively that the likely new member of the panel is Brooke Shields. Sources say Barbara Walters really wants her. Shields is a Princeton graduate, very articulate and the right age– 47, believe it or not. She will also be a great Hollywood connection for the bookers, and she’s a mom. I’m told the deal isn’t done yet, but it’s thisclose (no typo there) to being signed. Brooke is an excellent choice.

Meantime, the sad news is that Joy Behar is leaving after 17 years. My sources say “she’s just had enough. She wants to try new things.” Walters loved her, and I’m sure she’s sad to see her go. Behar, it’s strongly said, may be returning to Headline News for her own talk show again. I never understood why she left HLN in the first place. I was a guest many times on that show and an avid viewer. Joy rocks.

Leaving with no tears from most is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She was not popular with viewers. She was extremely right wing, and did not voice what women at home wanted to hear about just about anything. During Rosie O’Donnell’s time, EH was miserable to behold. Guests aren’t prone to speaking with her, she never matured into anything but the annoying neighbor who didn’t grow with the times.


‘The View” will still look for a fifth anchor, someone maybe in their 30s. And maybe a reporter, since Walters — though she rebounded like a champ this week–is showing signs of her age. But that’s not to suggest Barbara is retiring. She will still be on ABC when it’s just a digital signal blinking from space.

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  1. EH was the only decent voice on the show. What is wrong with people? This country is becoming so socialist by the day and EH stood up against it. She was smart, fit, beautiful, and dominated by the left wing hypocrites that refuse to open their eyes. What bothers me most about the left is it literally doesn’t matter what the Obama administration does- he can do no wrong. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Spying on press, IRS, ….. They defend him like blind sheep! Big government is not the answer- ask Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and Henry. This today was their concern- that big government of one type (monarchy) is replaced with big government of another type. Liberals chastise Tea Party rally’s while supporting their Occupy Wall Street thugs, rapists, druggies, litterers and morons. Hate the rich all but they are who provide the jobs. They also pay over half of what they make to taxes. Any liberals want to talk about equal protection under the law (flat tax)? They only say things like that when it applies to their issue. If any of the liberals would quit listening to the mainstream media and think for themselves they may realize they’ve been voting against themselves. Half the country is on the government’s dime (or taxpayers, people like myself that work every day) yet they call it a safety net. Wake up before its too late all! We are on the path to Venezuela. Obamacare is the law of the land. Just not for those who made the law. They have a separate health plan. Open your eyes folks, and please…hurry.

  2. What is the point of a show called theView if your a republican (EH) but are really not allowed to voice your opinion with put the other ladies down your throat, I quit watching a few years ago when it stopped being a bunch of different woman with different views, Hope EH finds a better position where her views and values are appreciated.. One republican view against 3 or 4 others is not equal..also if it is Brooke Shields, is she not a democrat also..nope Will not return…….

  3. Love the show – always have. But it’s time for a change and it’s time for Lizzie to go. I still hold her responsible with what happened to Rosie.

  4. Poor little Roger Friedman, the author of this propganda – poor silly little Rog, the moonbat. What’s a matter, having one conservative voice on the View is too much for you, little Rog? Really? Can’t stand up to big, tough EH?

  5. I stumbled on this story and this site.

    What is with all the misogynistic (sorry, big word, women-hating) people on here? Who cares if YOU PERSONALLY find the women unattractive on the View? It is about their opinions, not their age or dress size.

    As far as you hating the left-wing or the right-wing. I have a secret for you: it doesn’t matter. The powers that be want us to be divided and fighting. In the end, both sides want the same thing: less government/corporation involvement in our lives. Let’s stop fighting with each other and bring down Goliath. The sooner the better.

  6. Elisabeth IS the reason I watched The View and Joy was often the reason I turned the show off. The truth is Elisabeth will be fine with or without The View because the “world” does not determine who directs her steps God does! I support Elisabeth’s views and conservative stance as well. Interesting how everything “right” is wrong and all things “left” are right according to the media. It is the liberal majority who re-elected this President because you buried the truth days before this last election. choosing what the public hears is not your job, your job is to report the facts as they are and let the public discern truth from fact. The truth sets you free, hardly the direction our country is moving. Freedom to speech is lauded but so should be freedom to hear and know the truth! In truth The View needs Elisabeth far more than Elisabeth needs The View! This Viewer is no longer watching! I encourage others to turn off The View and stand together for truth. By standing for right together we CAN make a difference and show the world, conservative views matter! Many blessings to Elisabeth she will be just fine!

  7. There are a lot of hating in the comments, all the women of the view bring something to the talk show. If someone does not believe in your ideology than stop watching the show and stop bitching about how you do not like the show. The show is still on for 17 years which shows people are still watching it

  8. Hasselbeck is leaving?!? YAY!! The right-wing nut whose commentary was verbose (at best) and shrill (like nails scratching on a blackboard at worst) is finally vacating a seat that should have been vacated a long time ago. She’s an embarrassment.

  9. I said I’d never watch The View as long as Joy Behar was there, so hearing the news of her leaving was good news for me. However, upon hearing that Brooke Shields was “likely” to join……I STILL will not watch. Do not like that woman!

  10. I will no longer watch the view without Elizabeth on it …hope she gets a big fat severance package…and gets her own show in the same time slot , and their ratings drop to the floor ….that would be great !!!

  11. Because the leftists on the view relie heavily on feelings and intentions, wisdom and per existing moral value systems as exemplified by EH, do not count. It is our way or the highway says the left.

  12. I don’t have anything good or bad to say about Elizabeth leaving. She wears alot of cute outfits and made sensible comments on occasion. She has become tolerable for me on the show but I cant say that she MADE the show worth watching either.

  13. So heartening to read all the male comments who are on the RIGHT page and I sure do agree with them. Brooke Shields is clearly easy to control and won’t disturb Whoopi’s or Babawa’s aura. Too bad for us “free thinkers” who don’t share the Boooring View. Ho Hum Bah By.

  14. Oh, no I love Joy, she’s my fav – she makes light of everything when everyone else is to dayuum serious. I love liz to. Whoppi just thinks her opinion is the only one that counts, Barb is just to serious and I just don’t like Sherry at all. I JUST WANT watch it anymore. Thank God I’ve found a full time job. LOL

  15. Both Joy and Elizabeth will be missed. They’ve had some great guests and
    always covered the current topics. I think they set a great example of
    being able to disagree on politics yet still get along. We do not see enough
    of that civil behavior in today’s society. Hating someone for not sharing
    your views is not the way to have a healthy discussion.

  16. Saying that EH is a right-wind extremist is a very stupid statement. EH is the ONLY good reason to watch that show if there are any good reasons at all. The fact that these hags have been on so long is a testament to how stupid the daytime audiences have become.

  17. It’s an absolutely vile show. Why do so many women watch unattractive, overweight, very stupid women screaming at each other and their guests? Getting rid of the one conservative is typical now of all 3 networks, however Elizabeth Hasselback is as dumb as a rock. Bring on Ann Coulter!

  18. Your extreme bias in writing this article is amusing. EH just represents a different point of view, and one that is hardly a minority opinion. Demonizing her for it while ignoring Joy’s completely opposite(and then some) leftist viewpoints makes you someone that is quite difficult to take seriously. Sadly, this bias void of logic is what i’ve come to expect from many media outlets…and certainly from the other members of The View.

  19. Who the hell is roger friedman (lower case not a typo,just to indicate the importance of his view,)E.H. is The only person on that show ,including
    ba-ba wa-wa,who should ever be shown on a show which is supposed to
    have any serious content.jb should only be shown on A showtime comedy ,where the only criteria is using vulgar language and defaming words against decent principles.Obeyme is fit company when joins this
    group of fools.

  20. If anything, I’d say that the departure of both Joy and Elisabeth is an attempt by Barbara to try and moderate the panel, though with a still very leftward slant.

    For my part, seeing Joy leave will at least mean the removal of the group’s negative pole. How anyone could be more inappropriately named, I don’t know. But then again, I guess her perpetually negative tone wasn’t too apparent when her poor suffering parents named her.

    As for Elisabeth, I’m afraid that the appraisal of her as someone who needs some toning down and maturity is accurate. Though, to be fair, considering her relative youth and inexperience, that is not too surprising.

    Frankly, I would love to see an entirely new cast, including the departure of Barbara Walters. Wearying of the grossly liberal bias that has become so blatant in recent years, I haven’t watched this show very much in more than 5 years. Maybe a less flagrantly liberal crew would make the show more palatable.

  21. EH was eye candy and the only reason to watch the show. The rest of the saggy old bags won’t make the show watchable. I give the sow two more years. No one watches it. With EH out, who cares. Joy Behar – 17 years? Has the show been on that long? Ugh.

  22. My wife and I only tolerated this show because of: Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Now they’ve just becoming too ‘mainstream’ for us.


  23. Joy Behar is a foul mouthed, left winger with no morals at all. Elisabeth DOES relate to the average American mom. What a completely biased article. More liberal media at its best writing that article

  24. Thrilled Joy is leaving. If Elisabeth goes too, I’ll be gone. Brooke Shields’ served as a cohost while Barbara was out sick and she was as dull as dishwater. On top of that, she’s starring in Army Wives this season.

  25. There you go again…EH is bad and right wing…but Behar’s liberalism is not even mentioned. The show is moving way to the left….so long.

  26. You are calling Elizabeth a far right wing extreme but you sang the praises of Joy. She is as far left as Elizabeth is right. I know I will not be watching the show if Elizabeth is no longer part of the view. I will be tuning into FOX news for fair and balance reporting.

  27. Guess we know which way you lean. Oh that’s right, it’s a sin to say one leans to the right. Elisabeth was the only reason I could even stomach the View. Whoopi is ridiculous with the shoes and outfits. Barbra should have been put out to pasture long ago. Sherri is not the brightest. Joy was disgusting to watch. So that’s my take now that we’ve listened to yours.

  28. Give me a break? So everybody in America is left wing, and nobody wants to hear conservative views? What you are saying is it has to be five to zero on a talk-show? You can’t even have one opposing viewpoint? That is your idea of what America wants in 2013? You are so typical of liberals, that is your concept of tolerance.

    The truth is that Elisabeth could have been a better conservative spokesperson, but she is better than none. But for you to think for a second that “America does not want to hear from anybody conservative” is ridiculous as it is lame. You live in a bubble, Mr. Friedman.

  29. You couldn’t be more wrong. Elisabeth resonated with a lot of women, just not the radical nut cases out there. This show will be very refreshing without the loudmouth redhead, who was nothing like her name. Elisabeth will be sorely missed. There are more people than you think who don’t need to “grow with the times” Only those who worship Satan will accept the growing immorality and sins that the left embrace.

  30. Funny EH was the only one worth hearing from precisely because she didn’t, “move along with the times.” This, “fundamental change” everyone was so enamored with on the left has been little more than a soft tyranny brought on by Ivy league leftist. Who the hell are they to tell us how to live our lives? God Bless America and EH. I know she will be successful in whatever endeavor she may choose. Joy, who is anything but, should be welcomed at the Commie News Network. An echo chamber of the left patting each other on the back… Nothing to see here, just more left wing media propaganda..

  31. You men that continue to speak for us women and moms. Elizabeth was the ONLY one that spoke to my values. For a change, how about letting ME speak for MYSELF?

  32. ‘The View’ is still on TV?? Seriously??

    And how do you know the viewers didn’t like Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Where’s your solid data backing up this claim? Sounds to me that YOU don’t like her, and are taking this forum to be in a snit about her.

    Lastly, ‘The View’ – big whoopee! Pun intended.

  33. The real reason is that Hasselbeck was young, cute, and attractive and made the fat cows at home feel self conscious. I know the “she was too conservative” line is cute and all for you kids to report but she wasn’t all that conservative. She just had a brain which also aggravated the viewers due to also having the previously mentioned attributes. But “the view” isn’t supposed to be just one “view”. I guess they will rename it “The Group-think”.

  34. Joy is nothing but a deranged liberal wind bag. I would never watch that crummy show, but Elizabeth is the only woman on there that ever made any sense.

  35. Is it at all possible you could have been a little more biased with your liberal viewpoint when you were dissecting Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She wasn’t Andrew Breitbart or even Sean Hannity. But, she was the lone wolf offering an alternative viewpoint. Believe it or not, there are other views on issues rather than just the Leftist viewpoint. The sad thing about it, I doubt you even recognize how biased you were in this article.

  36. Why is Hasselback “extremely right wing” but the extreme and bitter left wing politics of Behar are not referred to in parallel fashion.And as for the bizarre,delusional Rosie O’Donnell-she wore out her welcome with almost everyone a long time ago.

  37. You left-wing nut job. The View sucked because of Joy Behar and was good because of EH.
    Viewers loved Elizabeth…at least any with any lick of sense. Morons and Communists love Joy Behar. Thankfully she will be gone. We will still have that tool Whoopie Toolberg, but at least Brooke will be there.
    HLN has no ratings now and they will go even lower.
    Get a freaking too, you filthy Commie punk bitch

  38. Saying that nobody liked EH is ridiculous. She was the only reason we could stomach the show. With her leaving, and thus leaving the rampant liberalism unchecked, it is unlikely that many of us in “fly over” country will tune in.

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