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When did Ryan Seacrest get a pompadour? Will Mariah Carey get a chest cold before she really says what she thinks about the contestants? Is Nicki Minaj on sedatives? And does anyone care about the 20 “American Idol” contestants? These questions are the most pressing things going on right on “American Idol.” Last night the show– 90 minute special, third edition in a row this week– got a measly 3.5 rating. It was beaten soundly by CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.” Even if the rating is revised up a little, it’s still down from the night before, and shows a steady decline.

The problems are numerous. Mariah, who I know is sassy, says very little by the time she gets to comment about a singer. I’d move her position, and make Keith the final speaker. Someone needs to tell Mariah to tell a story when her turn comes, relate the contestant’s performance to something from her experience, criticize them a little. All she’s doing is nodding in assent. And last night her puppies were out and barking. It was, to say the least, distracting. I thought they were going to perform a song on their own.

And then: there is no drama with these earnest, talented contestants. Getting rid of Zoanette takes away a lot of the pizzazz. Angela Miller is very good, but until they get rid of her Farrah Fawcett haircut from 1977 and throw her some curves, the show is going to keep sinking. Where is the cliffhanger? Where is the sobbing? Where is the love?

“American Idol,” wake up. “The Voice” is coming March 25th. And it wants you.


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  2. This show is now crap. The contestants are terrible, and have been, for the most part, selected by the ridiculous judges, who are trying to get a black, urban, hip hop, or R&B artist to win the show instead of a white guy with guitar.

    But White Guy With Guitar sells this tv show. They may not sell records, but they sell ratings to middle America. As for the judges, Randy is Randy, always the “yo yo yo dawn” clown of the show. Minaj? She’s a joke and offensive to most viewers. Diva Mariah? No one wants to deal with a diva or prima donna. And lastly, Keith Urban, married to Kidman? He;s OK, but not American. THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL!!!

    If they want to save the panel, next year should be three judges: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and either Bret Michaels or Harry Connick, Jr. They will pick more appropriate talent for the audience, and be people that the viewers can relate to.

    Seriously…how many American Idol viewers relate to Nikki Minaj??? Six???

  3. Reality BITES…people are more worried about REAL SH$T like a broke economy, a Fool leading the flock, the signs in the sky & earth ~ meteors & holes…..and empty wallets & VERY expensive food….than to watch any of this MONARCH programmed bs anymore…..yes when that midget lil pain says CLEARLY to LOVE HIM like SATAN……it was the AWAKE moment for vast number of people ~ like an heiress waking-up in a roach infested junkie shooting gallery…..and go WTF…..is this sh$t they keep pushing……

  4. Nikki Minaj is creating a train wreck. She creates such bad chemistry in what would otherwise be a relatively good judging panel. They’re wasting the contribution they could be getting from Mariah Cary. Just not a fun show anymore. The Voice will put them out of their misery in just a couple weeks now.

  5. The judges are all terrible — most judge how a contestant looks. Joanette and a few other contestants were terrible choices for the final 20 – that’s why people like me are tuning out. Singing talent isn’t the primary criteria and these 4 blind mice wouldn’t recognize it if it were present.

  6. We watched as a family since 3rd season. just couldn’t do it this year.
    The only way to get the ratings back is to get Simon and Paula back. People will tune in for the nostalgia. Oh, the biggest reason we tuned out is Nikki.

  7. Boring!!! Keith is the only sincere judge… the rest of them do not belong on there. What is with Ryan’s hair???? Nikki and Mariah are useless. This wqill be the first season I stop watching unless something is done.

  8. It’s now all about the judges, not the contestants. Bad..Bad..Bad. Reality Shows about bit**es are a dime a dozen. Go back to what worked?

  9. Us adults with disposable incomes were Mariah fans 20 years ago and want to hear her insights ( like we wanted from Steven Tyler), appriciate Keith’s music, but have no clue who Nikki is and find her simply irritating and unworthy of being a ” judge”.

  10. There is some serious talent on the women’s side this year. I suspect declining ratings are mostly because of the length of time the show has been on the air, but clearly a lot of people are vocal about their dislike of Nikki Minaj. Keith Urban is great and Mariah Cary should probably be switched into Nikki’s position to allow her more weight in her comments. I do like the new voting system that will make it more equal I suspect.

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