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Here’s a thought: with mostly reruns up against it on other networks, “American Idol” went up on Wednesday from Tuesday in number of viewers. “AI” scored a meager 3.7, but it was enough to win the night. The show had 12.71 million viewers from 8 to 10pm. That’s up from the night before. It’s also more than the total viewers who watched NBC from 8 to 10pm last night. NBC only had 10.96 million viewers who enjoyed two reruns of “Whitney” and one of “Law and Order: SVU.” So good for “Idol,” which still offered a kind of perplexing show. I do think the Tues-Weds pairing is better than Weds-Thurs. People are out on Thursday nights. As for NBC, bring over some of those USA Network shows like “White Collar” and “Burn Notice.”

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