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“Smash” was an idea that never gelled. And now it is all but completely dead. The NBC drama about the making of a Broadway show scored a 0.6 last night in its target age group, 18-49. Its total audience was said to have been 2.6 million, but that’s just the people who had it on as background noise. No one is watching the second season of “Smash.” It was an experiment and it failed. It was beaten handily last night at 10pm by “Golden Boy” and by “Body of Proof” (a show I like). From the “Smash” cast Jack Davenport’s already found other work. It’s just a matter of time before we hear likewise about Anjelica Huston and Debra Messing. For an insider’s look at producing a Broadway musical, “Smash” was revolting to people who actually know how that works. To outsiders, it was a soap opera that was hard to follow. The question now is, when it goes, will “Smash” take some NBC execs with it. Undoubtedly yes.

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  1. SMASH is a true quality show that NBC lost the minute they moved it from it’s lead-in from their one hit show, ‘The Voice.’
    It’s an adult show, but the cast are all superb, the songs are as good as anything on most Broadway stages, and the choreography and entire concept of the Marilyn Monroe ‘Bombshell’ musical was well done in my opinion.
    The show would have faired better on a cable outlet like Bravo, Showtime or even HBO.
    It’s one of the few quality programs on network TV at all.

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