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American Idol” took a beating last night. Even though it was the first live show of the season, “AI” drew just a 3.4 rating. It was first–NCIS had a 3.3 in the key 18-49 demo. But “AI” had almost ha;f as many total viewers. NCIS had 20.35 million vs. AI’s 11.49. Week by week the numbers are dropping for “Idol.” It was thought a live show might do the trick, but apparently not. And what’s interesting is that the contestants are good– there’s a lot of talented players this season, and it should be a hot race to the finish line. But the judges aren’t popping, so to speak. There’s no frisson, no action. Ah for the days of Simon Cowell insulting everyone! Audience wise, “AI” finished third for the night. NCIS: Los Angeles had a much bigger 15.95 million. Maybe “Idol” should change its name to “NCIS: Idol” and kill off someone each week. Just kidding! Tonight’s show, the second one ‘live’ from Las Vegas, had better show some life. Otherwise Nigel Lythgoe is going to have make some changes. According to our poll, adding an animal or pet of some kind would help. Get the little monkey, Finley,  from “OZ” that’s my suggestion.

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  1. I think the judges are getting paid to sink the show this season. I think American Idol needs to say bye-bye already. I am so disappointed in the four judges and who they have put through…letting go the great ones. I don’t know how they out who they put through. BORING show!! And…Mariah first looking into the camera or looking at who knows what. She looks awkward and seems to have a problem with eye contact with the contestants. Randy…he needs to go!

    What a boring and horrible season from day one!

  2. American idol is terrible. Worst i have seen in many many years of watching the show.
    The top twenty picks by the judges have so surprised me. They picked Charlie really??? And the big girl from Nigeria ? Who are we kidding???

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