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Remember last summer when everyone was obsessed with Taylor Swift and the Kennedy compound house in Hyannisport? Taylor was dating five years younger Conor Kennedy and hanging out with grandma Ethel. Then the word went out that Taylor had bought–for a song– the only non Kennedy house in the famous Hyannisport neighborhood.

Now Nancy Jo Sales writes in Vanity Fair (www.vanityfair.com) that Swift did buy the house after all. Well, we know she did because it was reported in the Cape Cod Times back in November by Robert Gold. Gold uncovered the Ocean Drive LLC  that Sales mentions in her piece. So she did buy the place. http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121107/NEWS/211070350

Sales suggests that the house was flipped right after that. Swift didn’t keep it. But read my explanation from last summer of what may have happened.


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